Telindus Supports the School System's Digital Transition

Author: Michael Renotte
ICT solutions

By securing the use made by students and teachers, Telindus contributes to the responsible development of digital technologies in the education sector

Beyond their growing popularity among students, digital technologies open up new perspectives in learning processes and are very valuable in meeting the needs of the education sector. In 2018 alone, no less than 5,620 tablets were made available to students and teachers, bringing to 8,500 the total number of devices in circulation in Luxembourg's secondary schools.

Providing trust and convenience

Today, 20% of secondary school students are equipped with tablets and the trend is expected to expand as devices are beginning to be rolled out by many municipal schools. But even if the use of a tablet has little secret for digital native generations, configuring and securing devices for different uses and operating systems require special expertise.

Telindus has embraced the need to ensure responsible and secure use of devices in the education sector, whether tablets[1], desktops or laptops[2]. The expertise and support provided by Telindus enables primary and secondary schools to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Device management through a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform, regardless of the operating system

  • Automatic configuration of wireless access points

  • Secure messaging

  • Implementation of user profiles dedicated to each school cycle with single-use authentication

  • Detection and remediation of attacks on mobile devices (malware infected applications, detection of fake Wifi networks, etc.)

  • Creation of management accounts, via Apple School Manager[3], enabling the installation, directly on the devices, of free or paid applications acquired in batches of tens or hundreds of units


"The UEM solution deployed by Telindus, MobileIron, allows teachers to push content towards students' tablets and to view, lock or temporarily interrupt the operation of a student's device," says Dalien Miakebana, IT Sales Consultant Mobility & Digital Workplace at Telindus. "In addition, multi-vendor mobile device automatic enrollment programs supported by Telindus offer[4] the possibility of configuring tablets, regardless of their operating system, even before devices are distributed to users. Zimperium's mobile threat defense solution[5], seamlessly integrated with MobileIron, proactively protects tablets from various types of cyber-attack."

Ensuring a playful but controlled user experience

"Digital technologies have become an essential gateway to knowledge, but it is essential that learning is done with total peace of mind," says Dalien Miakebana. "We Telindus are convinced that the use of digital technologies makes it possible to be more effective in providing differentiated instruction, foster interactivity and the pleasure of learning, reduce learning difficulties and facilitate research processes. For this to be effective, we have set ourselves the goal of providing students and teachers with a simple, playful and controlled user experience."


[1] iOS and Android tablets
[2] macOS or Windows 10 computers
[3] Apple School Manager : only for Apple iOS and macOS products for the education sector
[4] Telindus is the only Luxembourg operator/integrator to offer companies automatic enrolment solutions for the terminals of the four solutions: Apple Business ManagerApple School ManagerAndroid Enterprise Zero-Touch Enrollment and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
[5] Mobile Threat Defense, MTD

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