Telindus presents its 5G Innovation platform for businesses


Telindus presents its 5G Innovation platform for businesses

In order to support its customers and partners in their innovation efforts within a co-creation mode, Telindus is rolling out a platform dedicated to 5G-based innovation projects. Organizations wishing to implement such projects can connect with Telindus teams to explore the potential for implementation via the dedicated portal:


Exploring the possibilities of 5G

The launch of the latest generation of 5G mobile networks in Luxembourg offers many opportunities for transformation to economic players and public organizations. Today, it is up to them to take advantage of the possibilities offered by this new network to innovate, improve their competitiveness or offer new user experiences.

Through this initiative, Telindus makes 5G technology available and supports companies in co-creation mode, allowing them to focus on innovation in their core business.

 "With increased bandwidth and decreased reactivity time (latency), we see that 5G is the missing link for many projects that require mobility, flexibility and reliability," explains Hugues Stiernon, Deputy Director, Head of Telecom Solution at Telindus.  "However, taking into account the investments involved and the lack of experience of companies with the technology, it is not easy for them to commit to a transformation project starting with 5G. One of the issues addressed by our initiative is therefore to allow them to evaluate the potential of this technology with our teams, to validate their plans and gain experience before investing further.

Drawing on a network of experts

In addition to 5G technology, Telindus provides the necessary expertise in security, IoT, cloud and edge computing. It also relies on its ecosystem of partners with more specific know-how, for example in augmented reality, drones or industrial automation.
At Proximus Luxembourg, the Codit team leverages scalable Microsoft Azure technologies backed by seamless integration across platforms, applications and data sources to convert data into actionable business insights.

A similar platform has been deployed in Belgium, generating real enthusiasm in the market.

We can hence mention:

-        the implementation of an augmented or virtual reality application in the construction or remote maintenance sector: Hooyberghs and Mr. Watts

-        the use of drones in the health sector: GZA Ziekenhuizen & Helicus

-        IOT in the transport sector: H. Essers