Telindus offers a new Assisted Reality solution for more productive and secure collaboration

Author: Telindus
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Telindus is actively participating in the digitalization of the Luxembourg economy and is now offering a new Assisted Reality solution that allows connected workers to be more productive and feel more secure in their daily tasks.

Telindus’ new Assisted Reality solution is designed to deliver greater productivity and safety in real-time collaboration, inspection, maintenance and repair activities in the industrial and healthcare sectors. Operating with 5G, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity, the proposed Connected Worker Assisted Reality solution allows companies to eliminate the costly expense of sending experts into the field and allows for an effective virtual collaboration with frontline workers.

"Our goal is to improve the efficiency, safety and experience of frontline workers by allowing them to view the information they need, when they need it, while maintaining full awareness of what is happening in their environment. Information is available in their immediate field of view, accessible hands-free and workers are not distracted by computer-generated visual distractions" explains Julien Baudouin, Innovation Manager at Telindus.

The solution, which has been successfully tested, has made it possible to digitise the work and maintenance of technicians on the antennas of a mobile network operator e.g. Their actions are thus carried out in complete safety, with their hands completely free, and allow them to focus on their tasks.

"With Telindus' Assisted Reality solution, our technicians' inspection or maintenance operations are made easier and more efficient. They benefit from a tool that allows them to document any failures live and to obtain immediate remote assistance in case of an unexpected situation. The fact they have their hands free to carry out the various tasks - all commands are accessible via a voice interface - also offers greater security in the performance of their duties" adds Gilles Mulheims, deputy director Telecom Network & Network Services at Telindus.