Telindus Luxembourg strengthens its hybrid cloud and deploys the Microsoft Azure Stack solution with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Author: Telindus

Telindus Luxembourg, an ICT & Telecom expert serving businesses, offers an agile and flexible cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure Stack technologies and HPE equipment. Hosted in Luxembourg in a highly secured environment, this platform meets the agility, simplicity and optimisation needs of companies wishing to boost their business.


Make global technology a local opportunity

“Many of our customers wish to have an I.T. platform in self-service, on-demand and self-scaling mode based in Luxembourg. Many of their teams – from business analysis to development teams – need to be able to temporarily and quickly access on-demand computing resources. New business models can be implemented when these teams can access flexible resources and get much quicker and less costly results. By way of example, real-time ˋBig Data’ data analysis using high computing power, available on demand, based on Hadoop, is a case of concrete application”, explains Thomas Scherer, Chief Architect at Telindus.

Azure Stack’s uniform and universal deployment features combined with Telindus’ experience meet companies’ specific requirements, regardless of their business sector. Azure Stack is available as a service from Telindus’ datacenters.

In addition to the integration of Telindus’ cloud solutions, companies rely on its consulting and implementation services for the deployment of multi-cloud environments. This approach allows them to identify the most suitable application areas and to choose the degree of hybridization that suits them by combining private and public clouds and traditional IT.


Build on a secure Azure cloud platform in Luxembourg

“By operating this service in its own highly secure datacenters in Luxembourg, Telindus allows companies to benefit from the agility and scalability of the public cloud with a true ʽAzure experience’, while offering levels of control and performance equivalent to those of a secure local datacenter.” says Patrick Benimedourene, Head of Product Management at Telindus Luxembourg. “Azure Stack is based on the same technologies, the same APIs and the same management portals as Microsoft Azure. In addition to IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), Azure Stack also offers cloud models in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode to companies that develop and deploy both locally and in the public cloud”, he continues.

“Hybrid environments are more than just a juxtaposition of IT elements. Through our long-standing cloud computing partnership with Microsoft and the expertise of our 4.000 cloud hybrid and Azure professionals, Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems are the gateway to Microsoft Azure Stack’s strong deployments. Furthermore, HPE shares the same engagement culture with Microsoft and Telindus. All this allows us to provide companies with in-depth expertise, end-to end experience and seamless support for their Azure hybrid cloud environments”, concludes Stéphane Lahaye, Country Manager HPE Luxembourg.

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