Telindus FintExploration 2018

Author: Telindus

The second edition of the San Francisco Fintexploration started off on Sunday, June 3rd.

The purpose of this new edition is to discover the latest trends and innovations on AI for Finance and Insurance industries. CxOs from BeLux corporates have decided to attend the journey in the Valley to discover more insights about AI benefits for their respective businesses. HPE and Cisco have partnered with Telindus for the study tour initiative.

Each event begins with a welcome reception. Yesterday evening we welcomed our guests with a nice sunset on the SF bay and SF bay bridge.

Our study tour started on Monday and the delegation visited HPE, Apple and PayPal.

First stop : HPEs’ EBC in Palo Alto.

During the visit at HPE, the delegation had the opportunity to learn about the HPE strategy, about how to enable the future with AI, what the business impact of hybrid IT is and what HPE mobility solutions would bring to the financial sector.

After a  quick lunch, the delegation went to the new Apple Park Visitor Center, where our VIPs had a little time off to enjoy a coffee and discover the latest Apple technologies.

The last stop of the day: PayPal’s Innovation Showcase.

During the presentation, the delegation had the chance to:

-explore how Baintree’s platform provides the tools for developers to create a seamless in-app payment experience on the web.

-get hands-on with Paydiant powered apps that are revolutionizing the way retailers connect with their customers before, during and after a transaction is made in-store.

-preview new and exciting possibilities for what the future of payment may bring.

The day ended with a nice French and American fusion dinner.”

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