Telindus and Tango to merge on 1 January 2019

Author: Telindus

More than two years after the closer organizational ties between Tango and Telindus, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Belgian group Proximus are entering a new strategic phase on 1 January 2019, merging into a single company: Proximus Luxembourg SA. The Tango and Telindus brands will live on and remain active on their respective markets.

Active in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for a number of years now through its subsidiaries Tango and Telindus and its investment in the Digital Tech Fund, the Proximus group remains convinced of the growth potential that Luxembourg offers. Encouraged by the success of the closer ties between the two companies, which enabled the launch of convergent and innovative offerings, the group wanted to go one step further by merging them into a new entity: Proximus Luxembourg SA, under the leadership of Gérard Hoffmann. This new structure will make it possible to accelerate the implementation of a global and ambitious strategy, offering the best of its expertise on the BtoB and BtoC markets. It thereby confirms its position as a strong player on all the markets it is targeting.


A change of legal structure that strengthens strategic commitments

With Tango having been on the Luxembourg market for 20 years and Telindus for 40 years, it seemed essential that these two brands, highly popular with their customers, should be preserved. Tango will continue to cater to the residential market and small businesses with less than 10 employees with its mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and TV services. As for Telindus, it will guide large and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation by offering them convergent ICT and fixed and mobile telecom services. This will allow customers to benefit from the best services and solutions made possible by the synergy of ICT and Telecom skills, while keeping their usual contacts.


New headquarters giving concrete shape to this merger

This merger will also be implemented by grouping the three current sites of Esch-sur-Alzette, Bertrange and Strassen in a completely new building called Proximus House. Located in the Bourmicht area of Bertrange, this building will accommodate the group's employees (except those working in Tango's sales outlets spread throughout Luxembourg) as from April 2019. This grouping will facilitate exchanges and collaboration while complying with the legal and regulatory requirements specific to each activity.

Proximus Luxembourg, under the status of support PSF, will have close to 650 employees, all experts at the service of its customers.

"This merger is the culmination of a winning strategy, integrating - through Proximus Luxembourg - Telindus and Tango's activities to guide our customers more effectively in the implementation of innovative technologies. The merger fits in naturally with a move converging the integrator and the fixed and mobile operator activities", said Gérard Hoffmann, CEO of Proximus Luxembourg. "As leading players on both the ICT and Telecom markets, we want to continue our efforts in accelerating the digitalization of Luxembourg through the development of connectivity, resilient infrastructures and 5G, along with innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT", he concluded.


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