STOKR Partners with Telindus to Create a Blockchain-based Global Investment Platform

Digital Trust Solutions
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Their goals

  • Creating an investment platform with global reach from Luxembourg

  • Connecting investors and businesses directly

  • Lowering the cost of fund raising for businesses using blockchain technology

  • Giving organizations that do not have the necessary means or size the opportunity to obtain funding from investors

  • Create a recurring income for investors

  • No transaction costs at all for investors


The challenge

Ensuring solid Know Your Customer procedures


The solutions

Implementing Telindus DigitalKYC solution

Onboarding and re-onboarding of:

  • Individuals
  • Legal entities
  • Beneficial owners


  • Corporate data collection: automated collection of digital data sets and documents
  • Customer’s identity verification: ID document capture, analysis and verification
  • Recognition tests: trusted identity based on biometric features (facial recognition, liveness, voice, prints, etc.)
  • Screening: sanction lists, PEP/MEP, media, web
  • Address - email verification: consistency checks and matching to authenticate addresses
  • Client - counterpart risk scoring with KYC alerts and task management
  • Know Your Transaction: fraud detection, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, etc.
  • Compliance Management Portal: efficient and collaborative management of the whole compliance process

The results

With Telindus DigitalKYC solution, STOKR can rely on a fully automated modular platform

  • Accessible: omni-device approach, uses any device, OS or browser
  • Fraud prevention: minimizes risks of replay attacks
  • Time saving: eliminates need for lengthy employee verification
  • Reliable: increases data reliability vs manual KYC process
  • Improved UX: advanced solution that satisfies customer expectations and enables seamless modern client experience
  • Increased revenue generation
  • Compliance with current and upcoming regulations (PSD2, AML4, GDPR, etc.)

The benefits

  • Allowing investors to conduct their investment 100% online

  • Managed through a Luxembourg-based support PSF

A word from the client

"The STOKR Technology allows to integrate Telindus KYC solution so that we can scale up to effectively enable the tokenised issuance of all types of instruments backed by assets, including music royalties, real estate income, renewable energy revenues and profit or revenue participation in SMEs. The technology is even adaptable to distribution of alternative investment fund units."

TOBIAS SEIDL - Co-Founder and Product Strategy Lead

STOKR in short

STOKR is an investment marketplace providing companies with turn-key solutions to access capital markets based financing, as per the EU capital market laws.

From technology support to payment gateways, and investment structuring support to investor wallet registration, STOKR enables the opportunities for both the issuers and investors to have a secure, transparent, and user-friendly investment experience.

The fact that investors pay no commission makes it particularly attractive to private individuals seeking to support innovative ideas. This system gives them the opportunity to have exposure to an asset class from which they are traditionally excluded. Wealth managers and assets managers can also benefit as they can design portfolios for end clients.