Sopra Steria

Telindus helps Sopra Steria meet its telecom challenges

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Their goals

Given the growing need for communication, Sopra Steria's telephony equipment had to give way to more mobile, interactive and collaborative solutions with new consumption patterns.



The challenge

The two core businesses operated by Sopra Steria in Luxembourg are very different in many ways. On one hand, Sopra Banking Software's employees work as a team on long-term projects that rely on stable infrastructures that do not require much mobility. On the other hand, the infrastructure management business practiced by Sopra Steria Luxembourg PSF generates a lot of interaction with customers, which requires swiftness and agility. As a result, the company faces two different telecommunication needs.


The solutions

  • Flex, a mobile telephony solution for companies that automatically adapts to user consumption;

  • WebSelfCare, the central access point for mobile fleet management. WebSelfCare is a web portal that does not require any integration work


The results

  • Thanks to the Flex solution, Sopra Steria employees are now reachable at any time in Luxembourg, Europe and the United States and benefit from Tango's 4G/4G+ network

  • With the WebSelfCare solution, Sopra Steria's administrators can easily manage the SIM card fleet - block or unblock the cards, limit consumption by partially banning certain types of traffic - as well as easily control the consumption of the entire fleet

  • The MyTelindus mobile application allows users to consult their mobile phone consumption - calls, sent SMS messages and data traffic - at any time and to know the consumption distribution (national, international and roaming consumption)


The benefits

  • The solutions deployed by Telindus allow Sopra Steria employees to focus fully on their operational activities

  • The Flex solution provides Sopra Steria with various advantages such as:  per second pricing, access to Tango's 4G/4G+ network, automatic switch to the higher package when the voice/SMS or data counter is fully used (...)

  • The WebSelfCare gateway offers Sopra Steria's fleet managers access to all the tools and functionalities they need to effectively manage the company's mobile fleet (device registration, reporting solutions, SMS GW, telephony services, etc.)

  • Reducing costs and improving service: Sopra Steria has reduced its telecom expenses while offering more services to its users

A word from the client

''We were looking to bring both more comfort to our users and greater ease of management to the administrative departments. The financial aspect was also important. Already during the tender phase, we felt Telindus' willingness to work with us. It became clear that Telindus was taking the analysis of our needs a step further and that they were able to provide us with the appropriate solutions. Telindus offered us a pre-established framework, while declaring itself ready to make the necessary adaptations to deal with aspects that are more specific. We found this approach very relevant and the quality of the relationship we could expect was clear to us. Telindus' experts were able to offer us a dynamic solution that meets the needs of all our users, whatever their business''

SÉBASTIEN ROFIDAL - CIO Benelux, Sopra Banking Software & Sopra Steria Luxembourg PS