Proximus Group

A global telecommuications player

Proximus is a telecommunications company operating on the Belgian and international market.  As the leading national provider of telephony, internet, television and ICT services, we operate interconnected, extremely high-performance fixed and mobile networks. This enables us to provide access to data and digital services everywhere at all times, plus a wide range of multimedia content.

Proximus invests in networks of the future and innovative solutions to build the foundations for sustainable growth.

Consumer-oriented experience

The customer takes centre stage in all our activities. We want to provide him with the best experience and simplify his daily routine through accessible, user-friendly solutions. For our part, we want to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the society in which we operate.

Our strategy for the professional market has been developed with a focus on the excellence of the customer experience.

A comprehensive, targeted service offering

A major player in the telecom market, we continue to improve our position by looking for new avenues for growth in network-based ICT solutions such as security, the cloud and unified communications.

Our various commercial brands give us a presence in several countries, allowing a consistent distribution of our products and services:

  • Proximus provides fixed and mobile voice, internet, digital television and ICT services.
  • Scarlett makes telecoms accessible to all price-sensitive customers through a simple, no-frills offer.
  • Tango is the brand name under which the Proximus group markets its activities on the Luxembourg market.
  • Telindus is a leader in convergent ICT and telecom services for businesses in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • BICS groups the international carrier (communications transport) activities. BICS is a joint venture of Proximus, Swisscom and MTN.

Annual report and key figures

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