Proximus and Microsoft join forces to develop the technologies of the future and boost the digital transformation of Belgian and Luxembourg companies

Author: Telindus
ICT solutions

September 22nd, 2020 - Proximus and Microsoft strengthened their strategic partnership to bring tomorrow's applications to businesses. Proximus becomes one of the first operators in Europe to directly integrate the IT functionalities of Microsoft Azure Edge into the heart of its network. Thanks to this agreement, Proximus and Microsoft will offer Cloud, Security and Workplace solutions on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

In Luxembourg, Telindus, Proximus Luxembourg's corporate brand for businesses, will bear the fruits of this partnership.

In order to enable Luxembourg players to benefit from technological opportunities in areas such as Cloud, Security and Collaborative Applications, Microsoft Luxembourg and Telindus have also strengthened their partnership.
The combination of the know-how of an ICT & Telecoms player firmly anchored in Luxembourg with that of a world leader in the Cloud will enable the emergence of high-performance and innovative solutions based on future technologies.
Thanks to its experience, Telindus enables Luxembourg companies to take advantage of the technological advances of the Microsoft Azure cloud and its secure collaborative applications, to transform themselves.

"We are at the dawn of major transformations for many industries," commented Christian Haux, Chief Enterprise Market Officer, Proximus Luxembourg. "There are many avenues to explore: 5G, cloud, teleworking... Building on the strengths of the Microsoft cloud platform and its many services, we are delighted to be able to support Luxembourg organizations in this new era alongside Microsoft.”

”Thanks to this alliance with Telindus, we are going to offer the Luxembourg market expanded capabilities on our Microsoft Azure cloud and Microsoft 365 platforms, in order to accelerate digital transformation and innovation for companies in Luxembourg," said Candi Carrera, Country Manager of Microsoft in Luxembourg.

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