Security Operations Center Advanced monitoring services to anticipate, detect and react as quickly as possible

Cyber threats are everywhere, it is just matter of time before being targeted by a cyber-attack. Our Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center proposes advanced detection capabilities to anticipate, detect and react as fast as possible. Leveraging the most advanced technologies in terms of threats intelligence, automation, machine learning / artificial intelligence, detection uses cases and of anomalies in data are quickly disseminated to our security analyst to reduce the Mean Time to Respond allowing our client to focus on their business.

Key benefits Security Operations Center

  • 24/7 monitoring

    Giving visibility to our client by monitoring their infrastructure and identify potential cyberthreats they are facing


  • Short Incident Response time

    Once identified, these potential threats and their impact are quickly analysed to prepare the first recommendations

  • Return to an acceptable business activity situation

    Based on these recommendations, incidents are isolated, mitigated

The benefits

  • Your security monitoring solution is open-ended and constantly updated

    Throughout the term of the contract, our analysts improve the attack scenarios by adapting the detection rules. To do this, Telindus relies on exchanges with your employees and on the experience acquired in your IT and business context. Our CSIOC engineers also rely on the many Telindus teams who bring their technological and operational expertise, which makes the recommendations provided to you in the event of an attack more relevant.

  • Take advantage of additional security services

    In addition to the CSIOC, Telindus provides an entire range of services on demand, from onsite guidance to implement corrective actions, to the analysis of malware by the forensic service, to helping you determine the sources and impacts of the vulnerabilities of products running on your system. Services for managing vulnerabilities and monitoring rules of compliance are also available to provide a full service and ensure optimal security for your business.


The characteristics

  • 24/7 Monitoring, Alerting and incident Response
  • Detection based on MITRE ATT&CK Framework and trusted Threat Intelligence feeds
  • Log management
  • Automation everywhere possible
  • Security Incident Management
  • Service management
  • On premise or cloud
  • Solutions and teams based in Luxembourg
  • ISO 27001 certified