Microsoft teams Work as a team anywhere and on any device!

Microsoft teams offers the possibility to work as a team with all your employees wherever they are. Microsoft Teams is a platform in Office 365 that allows your employees to exchange information, participate in remote meetings and have fast, shared access to all Office documents.

Key benefits Microsoft teams

  • Microsoft Teams provides access to all Office 365 applications collaboratively and facilitate the flow of information within teams.

  • Thanks to chat, call, remote meeting and Office document collaboration applications, your employees will work easily and they will be more efficient to work together.

  • Microsoft Teams provides a digital workspace that brings together all the information your teams need to optimize their performance. With Microsoft Teams, you have end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance capabilities.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • An all-in-one, customizable collaboration platform

    Microsoft Teams is an essential for collaborative dynamics. It is the reflex to adopt to move forward as a team. All your collaborators will be able to bring even more interaction in the construction of projects and make your company more efficient. At the time of unified communication, the Teams platform centralized all applications and adapts to the needs of your company and your teams.

  • Increased Flexibility

    By offering access from a computer, a tablet, a smartphone outside your company premises, Microsoft Teams adapts to your mobility and your needs. The Teams application gives your company flexibility and offers a sophisticated and secure collaborative solution. All the data contained in your application is encrypted and protected to guarantee its confidentiality.

The characteristics

  • Collaborate on files with integrated Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, SharePoint.
  • Bring your teams together on the same page via group discussions, online meetings, calls and web conferences.
  • Consultancy services and support to assist your employees in using Microsoft Teams.
  • Security of the data contained in the Teams application thanks to important security standards and with the Data Loss Prevention of Office 365.
  • Integration of Telindus telephony directly into the Teams interface.
  • Enrichment of Teams with our fixed telephony solutions: Business Trunking (international) and Advanced Call Routing Services (VMS).