Audio & web conferencing Video conferencing solution

When meetings involve many users or have tight agendas, audio and web conferencing is the ideal solution. Share your content, invite external participants, give them the opportunity to join the conference with their own devices.  Create a climate of trust conducive to discussion with a simple and intuitive interface.

You can organise your project round a collaborative platform by integrating your telephony and video environment. You retain the news feed and can easily access the latest shared or updated content, directly from your environment (a telephone, video conferencing device, smartphone, PC, etc.).

Key benefits Audio & web conferencing

  • Business messaging

    In contrast to instant messaging, business messaging does not stop at the end of a chat. You retain the news flow and can include the appropriate persons at any time.

  • Intuitive conferencing management

    Stay focused on the project and, not on organising meetings. Participants will find it easier to join you when you provide multiple means of connection and support. Furthermore, whether audio, video or the web, the interface is intuitive and ergonomic.

  • Process simplification

    By organising work spaces himself, the user frees himself from dependence on any infrastructure and the expertise needed to use it properly. You can monitor the progress of your projects or ongoing actions anytime, anywhere.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Improve your performance

    Through spending less time bringing people together, you provide an effective and efficient conference service, staying in contact with your teams and partners through to the end of your projects.

  • Save

    Thanks to the versatility and performance of these solutions, you can create a new momentum boosting your development. Available via the cloud, they require far less investment than your previous tools.  Moreover, you’ll save costs by cutting down on travel.

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