Apsal IT software: Apsal salary software

Widely acclaimed in Luxembourg, our Apsal software is the reference solution for payroll calculation.

We have analysed your payroll management needs carefully to develop an efficient tool adapted to all types of structures and business sectors. Performance, efficiency, user-friendliness and data security are the key words of our Apsal payroll solution.

Key benefits Apsal

  • Comprehensive solution

    Apsal is a comprehensive solution allowing you to carry out all activities related to the processing and management of pay slips.

  • Reactivity and proximity

    As the software editor, our development team adapts rapidly to technological developments and changes in legislation.

  • Online or on-site solution

    Thanks to the flexibility of our offers you can choose the mode of installation: at your site or on our cloud.

  • User-friendly and intuitive

    This (Windows-based) dynamic, user-friendly and intuitive solution supports and assists you in your payroll management and processing. The time saved on data entry is a major advantage of this system. It covers all projects implemented to administer, mobilise and develop human resources.


For whom ?

The benefits

  • Benefit from a high-quality helpdesk and assistance

    The performance and expertise of our team enable us to react rapidly and provide efficient help.

  • Your will be trained!

    Our specialised team will provide quality training thanks to experience acquired over many years. Our knowledge of social legislation and our know-how will help you to quickly become efficient and autonomous.

The characteristics

  • User-friendly and intuitive (Windows-based software)
  • Available in multiple versions (flexible software, adaptable to the number of salaries processed)
  • Adapted to all types of companies and sectors: skilled craft companies, SMEs, SMIs, large companies, trust companies, accounting firms, non-profit associations, etc.
  • Configurable (management of access to certain fonctionalities and information)
  • Creative assistants (hours, bonuses, 13th month salaries, etc.)
  • Extensive selection of impressions
  • Multi-criteria search with configurable filter
  • Display and export of all printouts via Crystal reports
  • Different modules: analytic, worksite management, wage seizure and assignment, seculine, multiline, time management interface, human resources management interface, ApsalExcel interface
  • Interface with the Gesall accounting software, the TIM presence management software from DKS Systems, interface with the Regipay software (electronic pay slip management and dispatch), interface with the Wiges software from Delta IT

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