A turnkeys’ solution for Metrum thanks to “Software Editor to the cloud”

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In Luxembourg, Metrum is one of the leading players in the integration of the Odoo software package. In order to be able to offer its customers a global solution, including the hosting of the solution and data in Luxembourg, the company decided to rely on the «Software Editor go to the cloud» solution from Telindus.
Active in Luxembourg, Belgium and France, Metrum is recognized as a reference integrator of the Odoo ERP, of which it is a “Gold Partner”. « We support our customers, mainly SMEs with between 70 and 400 employees, in their digital business transformation,» comments Antoine Ngo, CEO of Metrum. To do this, we rely on the possibilities offered by the Odoo software package, an entirely ERP solution based on the web. It can be deployed on-premise, directly on the customer’s infrastructure, or it can be accessed in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. » Thanks to the SaaS mode, the organization that benefits from the solution doesn’t have to worry about hosting, managing the solution and the associated infrastructure.

The requirement for a Luxembourgish hostingThe hosting

While Odoo allows customers to access its SaaS solution, the publisher does so from a shared environment, which does not meet the needs of many Luxembourg SMEs. They want to have superior guarantees of confidentiality and location of data on the Grand Duchy territory. « To meet our customers’ expectations, we have therefore looked for a partner capable of providing a solution to host the solution and store the data locally, with a high level of security, explains Antoine Ngo. The preservation of information on the territory is an important argument for our customers. Some of them were concerned about data loss or unavailability of services following the recent fire at a third-party data centre. One of the challenges of making life easier for our customers is to free them from the complex management of a local IT infrastructure, so that they can focus on their business. »


An integrated offerAn offer

Telindus and Metrum have a historical partnership, so Metrum turned to Telindus to design a «Software Editor go to the cloud» solution, adapted to the market expectations. « The challenge for Metrum was to offer our clients the Odoo software solution to support their digital transformation, including local hosting, from a dedicated and highly secure environment. It is for this hosting that we needed a robust partner,» continues the CEO. Telindus, in addition to the solution offered, is accredited PFS support, offering our CSSF-regulated customers guarantees of compliance. »


An environment adapted for each client

Telindus offered Metrum a dedicated cluster in its data center. Within this cluster, resources can be dedicated to each customer of the company. Each client has its own virtual machine(s), which can be restarted, updated and backed up according to the company’s strategy, with a high degree of partitioning between each client. « The equation to solve was not easy. On the one hand, it was necessary to guarantee a high level of security and data protection, with total redundancy of the deployed servers. On the other hand, we wanted to offer a great flexibility regarding the sizing of the machines, so that they could meet the needs of each of our customers,» continues Antoine Ngo. The size of our customers can differ greatly, so the power and volume required for each can vary greatly. »


A flexible support for each client client

The environment is fully managed and operated by locally active software and infrastructure experts. « Above all, the flexibility of the model allows us to deploy a solution adapted to the needs of each new client in a few days, explains Antoine Ngo. Based on this environment, it is very easy to provide additional resources or adapt them to changing needs. The customer has only one contact: Metrum. »


An offer that is attractive for the market

The market quickly appreciated the solution. Most of Metrum’s customers prefer the complete turnkey offer, which provides access to Odoo using the «Software Editor go to the cloud» solution and the Telindus infrastructure. « The first ones have been on the platform for a year. There have been no incidents since that time, explains Antoine Ngo. This integrated offer allows us to reach a wider audience. Users appreciate it because they no longer have to worry about managing the infrastructure and are assured of being able to access their data. Finally, they adhere to the attractive business model that is being proposed. »
For Metrum, it is a win-win model. The partnership with Telindus will naturally be strengthened with new customers and the implementation of new projects,» concludes Antoine Ngo. Beyond the proposed solution, the model can also support the deployment of other solutions we offer, particularly in the area of data valuation and business intelligence. »


metrum CEO
A word from the client

''One of the challenges of making life easier for our customers is to free them from the complex management of a local IT infrastructure, so that they can focus on their business.''


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