KNEIP entrusts the protection of their data to Telindus

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Their Goals

  • Bring in a provider capable of supporting the digital transformation currently taking place, particularly in the area of security 

  • Have a trusted third party through which secured services may be delivered

  • Leverage on a company with sound experience in the field of information security services outsourcing

  • Allow internal teams to focus on the delivery of services to customers

  • Enable the delivery of clean and meaningful data

  • Avoid inflation of in house back office staff and resources

  • Deliver an added-value service at the right price point


The challenges

  • KNEIP is a well known name in Luxembourg’s financial services landscape and security is an integral part of their brand 

  • KNEIP’s customers are very sensitive to information security matters 

  • KNEIP must be able to prove and demonstrate to their customers that they meet auditing requirements 

  • Data volume issue: ensure the security of the huge amounts of data that KNEIP must process 

  • Find the right «signal-to-noise» ratio between relevant security alerts, considerable quantities of false-positives, and alerts on less useful or nonsensitive data


The solution

A customised and compliant security solution based on the Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center (CSIOC) owned and operated by Telindus in Luxembourg:

  • Log management is the foundation of CSIOC activities. Working closely with KNEIP’s teams, Telindus security engineers have initially defined the perimeter to be covered in order to collect the information relevant for investigation

  • Proactive protection is based on business behaviour and risks. Telindus security engineers have set up use cases aligned with KNEIP’s risks and constantly monitor business activities to detect suspicious events

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring by engineers based in Luxembourg

  • Incident management. Governance, processes, and strong SLAs ensure the efficiency of the response in case of incident.

  • Security Watch. On a regular basis, Telindus security engineers adapt their CSIOC services according to KNEIP’s activities and new indicators of compromise (IOC)

  • Scalable services based on changes in KNEIP’s activities while keeping the allocated budget under control


The results

  • High quality output in terms of reporting and alerting

  • Monthly CSIOC report review with Telindus security engineers in order to benchmark the actual situation against predefined metrics and KPIs

  • Permanent support of Telindus in the continuous improvement of KNEIP’s threat detection capabilities

  • Fully demonstrable and auditable solution, from the alert raised by Telindus to the closing of the incident ticket, through the investigation phase

  • Real time monitoring and alerting on events happening outside of the predefined framework

  • Balanced «signal-to-noise» ratio resulting in actionable information for KNEIP teams • Optimum management of the volume of data

  • Continuous feedback loop across the company and with Telindus in order to improve the service from both sides


The benefits

  • Superior service that adds value to the company 

  • Information provided by Telindus is prequalified, helping KNEIP significantly reduce «time-to-diagnosis» and therefore improving the fluidity of service and reducing operating expenses

  • Trustworthy PSF partner with an active commitment 

  • Control and transparency of the cost of the solution 

  • Limited investments in internal resources and staff 

  • Continuous security watch

A word from the client

«This security outsourcing service was the first occasion for me to collaborate with Telindus. Since then, I have worked with Telindus on several projects, all of this confirming their flexibility and willingness to build a true partnership, along with their deep sense of honesty and accountability»

KEVIN BRANNIGAN - Head of Engineering Operations, KNEIP


«One of the key elements I take away from our collaboration with Telindus is their willingness to listen to our own suggestions and initiatives, which is not only a plus for us as a client but also helps our company make the service we provide to our customers more efficient»

MARCO ZEIMANTZ - Engineering Operations Senior Manager, KNEIP