Deployment of the Microsoft Teams collaboration and unified communication platform

Public sector
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Their goals

Indigo Park Luxembourg was looking for a technology partner able to replace its fixed telephony installation with a Voice over IP solution coupled with a unified collaboration platform.


The challenge

  • Indigo Park Luxembourg needed to be able to make telephone calls from a computer to the national and international public network, but also within the company. The company did not have the required skills within the company
  • The Indigo Group's headquarters had already switched to a hybrid Skype Enterprise solution integrating IT, mobile and landline telephony.        Indigo's scope of work required the new solution to be based on either Skype Enterprise or Microsoft Teams
  • Benefit from an integrated solution 

Les solutions

Indigo's relationship with Tango for the management of its mobile device fleet allowed the company to discover Telindus' abilities to integrate the IT and telephony components of a solution based on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Telindus was able to develop an integrated collaboration platform that adequately meets Indigo's needs.


The results

  • Successful test phase: validation of the solution.

  • Implementation phase completed: the solution is fully deployed to the workforce.

  • Intensive exchanges with the Group's head office in France and with a specialised consultant in Canada have enabled Telindus to demonstrate its high level of expertise in resolving certain complex issues that do not appear at first sight


The benefits

  • Centralisation of all collaboration functionalities into one single tool
  • Increased mobility for Indigo employees.
  • Secure file sharing with some customers, including the City of Luxembourg
  • User training: change management and acquisition of best practices carried out by Telindus
A word from the client

" After more than a year of research, we have in Telindus found a partner who is able to provide an answer to a very specific problem. Indigo Park Luxembourg is the first entity of the Group to have implemented Teams as a call interface, while France and Canada have deployed Skype. Indigo Park Luxembourg is indeed the Group's laboratory for numerous innovations before any global deployment. Following the successful implementation in Luxembourg, the Indigo Group entities in France, Belgium, Spain and Canada are seriously considering the migration to Microsoft Teams." 

JONATHAN DA SILVA  - Human Resources and Communication Director of Indigo Park LuxembourgPark Luxembourg

Indigo in a nutshell

With 23,000 employees, Indigo is an international group operating parking networks in 12 countries and more than 750 cities. Indigo has 80 employees in Luxembourg, 70% of whom are field agents, technicians or operating staff. Active under various names since 1979, Indigo is the Luxembourg market leader in parking networks for both off-street (car parks) and on-street (road management, parking meters) activities