Ierace Dechmann + Partners

Leverage fixed-mobile convergence to improve employee agility and efficiency

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Their goals

  • Replace an ageing telephone exchange with a modern, intuitive and cost-effective Voice over IP (VoIP) solution

  • Replace old landline workstations with a mobile solution

  • Improve the efficiency of the agency's employees during their trips and work meetings

  • Optimize communication costs

  • Ensure a smooth and seamless transfer when the agency moves



The challenge

  • IDP had an obsolete analogue power plant lacking number of modern functionalities, in particular for periodic reporting and mobility.
  • The agency wanted to have a more intelligent reception of incoming calls (virtual reception)

The solutions

The implementation of the Telindus FMU solution: coupled with the U-Touch solution and based on the Tango network, the FMU (Fixed & Mobile Unification) solution allows the use of a fixed number on a mobile phone. This solution allows to eliminate fixed phones in favour of smartphones and/or ordinary mobile phones

The deployment of the Telindus Explore connectivity solution to guarantee an optimal Internet connection coupled with the installation of Wifi terminals throughout the platform in the agency's new premises



The benefits

  • No on-site infrastructure: 100% cloud solution hosted in the Telindus data center

  • Significantly improved mobility for IDP employees: the fixed telephone number "follows" the user on all his trips abroad (customer visits, shootings, trips), as well as within the agency (planning, production meetings)

  • Mobile communications made through the U-Touch solution are charged at the fixed telephony price

  • A homogeneous mobile phone fleet: fixed phones are replaced by mobile devices provided by Tango

A word from the client

''As part of the move of our Howald branch to Leudelange scheduled for the beginning of September 2018, we asked Telindus at the beginning of June, to design an alternative solution for our ageing telephone exchange and to provide equipment to our employees. Telindus experts have been very responsive in delivering a directly operational solution in an extremely short time lapse.''

VALÉRIE CANDAT  - Executive Assistant & Communication Manager, ID+P

Ierace Dechmann + Partners in short

IDP (Ierace Dechmann & Partners) is a communication agency with 30 years of expertise and customer experience in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It stands out for its versatility and its 3 strategic poles: Creation, Digital and Media. This combination of multidisciplinary skills allows IDP to intervene more effectively and in an integrated way in all areas of communication.

IDP's 40 employees combine talent, expertise and enthusiasm to bring real benefit to the agency's clients. IDP's recipe for success is above all based on the team spirit that leads a team whose strength lies in its ability to work harmoniously. By providing increased mobility for IDP employees, Telindus' Explore, U-Touch and FMU solutions strengthen the agency's ability to develop its business potential and respond effectively to customer requests.