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To help you manage your accounts easily and efficiently, Telindus has developed a solution already adopted by thousands of users in Luxembourg. Gesall is an efficient tool you can use irrespective of your line of business to significantly simplify your accounting management. The combination of relevance, efficiency, accessibility and cost control makes Gesall the perfect tool for management accounting.

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  • Benefits

Complete tool 

All your accounting activities, from a simple entry to the audit of the accounts can be performed easily thanks to our Gesall software.


As we are the authors of this software, we can quickly adapt it to changes in legislation and technological developments.


At your site or on our cloud? Our offers are flexible and enable you to choose how to install your solution.

You are in good company

Have local experts (helpdesk, consultants) to help you use and customize the software. If needed, our team intervenes quickly to bring you concrete solutions.

Benefit from comprehensive training

You will enjoy training from our dedicated team which, will share its experience and know-how with you, so allowing you to become autonomous and efficient in no time


User-friendly, intuitive (Windows-based software)

Available in several versions (flexible and adaptable software according to the number of salaries processed)

Multilingual software and lists: French, German, English

Multilingual software and lists: French, German, English

Modules: Analytical, Depreciation, Multiline, IntraStat, Standing order, Import + Scan of invoices, Gesall Excel interface

Configurable (management of access to certain features and information)


Accounting statements exportable in PDF, Excel and Word format

Simple and fast entry of operations

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