CODIPRO and Telindus create an innovative tracing tool based on the blockchain

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Their goals

With the CODITRACER project, the company’s objectives were to ensure:

• Component traceability
CODIPRO rings comply with the safety requirements of the industrial
standard EN1677-1 and are subject to strict regular checks. In order to ensure the traceability of its products, CODIPRO has implemented since 2008 an individual marking of each of its rings.

• Document traceability
CODIPRO lifting rings must comply with the European directive 2006/42/
CE concerning machines. A declaration of conformity and operating instructions must accompany each delivery. The manufacturer must be clearly identified.

• Product authentication
- make product traceability reliable and tamper-proof
- guarantee to customers the original character of the products
- combating counterfeiting

• Accessibility of documentation
- make the documents that accompany the products accessible to all, at all

• Reducing the environmental footprint
- ensure better management of documentation and packaging

• Improve market knowledge
- broaden and deepen the knowledge of the use of lifting rings
- enrich the knowledge of customers and partners
- improve the company’s ability to offer innovative product


The challenge

  • Digitize product tracking and management processes throughout their life cycle
  • Increase the speed of processing client and partner requests
  • Dematerialize documentation:reduce the use of paper for documents that must accompany products to facilitate filing and archiving, and avoid loss of documents

  • Also, meet the packaging reduction requirements of the European Directive 2018/852


The solutions

The meeting with Telindus, through the Fédération des Industriels Luxembourgeois (FEDIL), allowed CODIPRO to concretize the realization of a digital tool for tracing its products

The meeting with Telindus, through the Fédération des Industriels Luxembourgeois (FEDIL), allowed CODIPRO to concretize
the realization of a digital tool for tracing its products.


Development by Telindus of the CODITRACER tool based on its blockchain platform, TraceChain : Based on Stellar blockchain technology, Telindus’ TraceChain platform enables the tracing of high quality items from manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and shrinkage.

Integration of the blockchain solution with CODIPRO’s ERP and CRM systems


The results

Today, CODIPRO has a tool at the forefront of technological innovation, CODITRACER, which ensures the authentication,traceability and immutability of the information relating to its lifting rings. The solution is accessible through two interfaces:

• A mobile application for smartphone and tablet, available on App Store and Google Play, which gives access to technical information and documentation based on a reference number engraved on the ring. In addition, the application also enables the product warranty to be activated;
• A web portal which, in addition to the functionalities offered by the mobile application, allows the various parties involved in the block chain to follow the product’s path with great precision, from shipment to use, including the intermediate stages of distribution.


The benefits

  • Process optimization
  • Increased speed of processing requests and orders
  • Reinforcement of the image of an innovative company and affirmation of market leadership position
  • Better knowledge of the market and end customers
A word from the client

''The CODITRACER project had already been on our agenda for three years. From our first contacts,Telindus experts understood our objectives and the stakes of our project. It was the meeting between two leading companies in their respective fields that enabled us to design this innovative tool based on state-ofthe-art technology. Thanks to Telindus’ blockchain platform, we can store and transmit information about our products in a transparent, secure and tamper-proof way. Today, we have a tool that meets all market expectations, whether in terms of traceability, authentication, document management or environmental footprint..''

CHRISTOPHE LOSANGE  - Director of Codipro

Codipro in short 

For more than 40 years, CODIPRO designs and manufactures patented safety swivel lifting rings. From single items to large batches, from standard to special, CODIPRO has been providing lifting equipment distribution professionals with expertise, technology and all the skills of a manufacturer that has become a major player in the international market.

CODIPRO manufactures and sells a complete range of swivel lifting rings for many sectors such as the molding industry, material handling, transport, logistics, the shipbuilding industry, offshore, lifting, aeronautics and wind power.