Autopolis deploys its new Microsoft 365 environment in Telindus' hybrid cloud

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Their goals

  • The first problem to deal with was the management of the mailboxes in the messaging system, which had really become time-consuming. The Autopolis IT team had to allocate additional storage space to its messaging system almost every month to cope with the growing number of users and the continuously increasing size of the mailboxes

  • Optimize the management of the Microsoft Office licenses

  • Equip the team with a modern collaboration tool, like their car manufacturer partners who were already using videoconferencing tools


The challenge

  • As the Covid-19 pandemic began to take hold, Autopolis had to move from an organization based on a traditional mode of communication to a decentralized system and to a digital form of communication

  • Migration of the mailboxes and upgrade of the IT equipment in one go, sometimes remotely, and sometimes on site. At the same time, set up of teleworking solutions for the employees

  • To take the IT infrastructure out of its own four walls, particularly for security reasons


The solutions 

  • For several years, Autopolis infrastructures had been hosted in a private cloud. Switching to a hybrid cloud solution struck as a natural step towards the smooth transition to the public cloud. Today, the company infrastuctures are hosted in Telindus' U-flex 3.0 cloud environment

  • Use of Microsoft 365 tools on a daily basis, including Teams for communication and collaboration. Teams has enabled to continue to communicate without interruption and to be able to implement all the necessary measures for the smooth running of the company


The results

  • Improved internal communication flow as soon as the lockdown came thanks to Teams environment.

  • Maintained and more digital external communication with clients.

  • Hosting of the new environment in Telindus' hybrid cloud is fully operational and the migration of the mailboxes is complete.


The benefits

  • By delegating responsibility for managing the IT operations to Telindus, Autopolis have made big gains in terms of availability, stability and security

  • Continued communication without interruption between Autopolis teams and with the clients

A word from the client

''It is now more than five years since we started our partnership with Telindus. There were several underlying considerations. First of all, it was essential for Autopolis to take the IT infrastructure out of its own four walls, particularly for security reasons. As we often hear on the news, data security has become an essential concern for companies. Relying only on our own resources, it would have been difficult to invest in the long term in the specialized skills needed to secure our systems adequately. Another reason for our decision was that we wanted to have an IT infrastructure adapted to the needs of our business. The value provided by these technologies lies in the creation of business specific solutions, applications and tools that effectively meet the needs of our technicians and employees. By delegating responsibility for managing our IT operations to Telindus, we have made big gains in terms of availability, stability and security, but our business has also become more digital and agile. Just to give you an idea of how far we've come, you have to bear in mind that 5 years ago we had only one computer per workshop. Today, each of our 63 mechanics has a PC.”