Secure networks and data, develop digital and mobility

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Their goals

  • Develop an irreproachable service quality for a dual clientele: the end customers and Auchan staff

  • Ensure control and cost transparency: clear contracts, flexibility in the environment implementation, etc

  • Avoid the multiplication of interlocutors by choosing a partner offering a wide range of services and a strong integration capacity to cover the entire range of needs, from the datacenter to the end customer

  • Successful transformation of a physical model to the digital: Auchan defends a phygital model that allows customers to live new shopping experiences by combining the strength of the traditional store and the flexibility of eCommerce

  • Ensure a long-term technological watch


The challenge

Connect 100% of Auchan Luxembourg’s staff to new mobile and digital solutions


The solutions 

  • Dealing with the technical obsolescence of networks and setting up new network solutions to open the way to more digital and mobility

  • Network security, improvement of inter-site connectivity, (partial) renewal of the optical fiber to meet the requirements of new digital solutions, implementation of hotspot solutions to ensure the access of end-users to Internet



The results

  • Auchan Luxembourg has now entered the final phase of its transformation program 

  • Major milestones have been achieved: upgrade, reliability, segmentation and network security, improved access to applications, mobility openness, virtualisation of cash lines, etc. 

  • Based on these advances, most of which have been tested in the context of the opening of the new Auchan hypermarket in Differdange, the brand is now ready to finalise the transformation of its existing sites without impact on both customers and users 

  • Creation of a strong synergy between Telindus, the Auchan teams and third partner


The benefits

  • Cost control and transparency

  • Increased flexibility

  • Integration of new solutions with each other and the existing environment

  • Synergy of teams, skills and action with a local and multitechnologies partner

A word from the client

''At Auchan, the digitalisation passes through the hypermarket. It is this anchoring in ‘brick and mortar’ stores that allows us to establish and maintain a close relationship with our customers and differentiates us from pure Internet platforms. New challenges are emerging for Auchan Luxembourg and Telindus clearly has a place at our side to meet these.''


Auchan in short

To carry out its IT transformation program, Auchan Luxembourg called on Telindus: strong technological integration capacity, highly secured datacenters, multidisciplinarity, quality of customer relations are all assets that convinced the retail group to rely on the leader of convergent ICT and telecom services in Luxembourg. As part of this program, Telindus experts are called upon to intervene at the level of purchasing central, logistics, hypermarkets and Auchan Drive, which involves meeting the needs of administrative tools, embedded solutions, customer relations, mobility and digital. It is Telindus’ ability to master these different technological knowhows and capacity to integrate them that makes it a valuable partner for Auchan Luxembourg. Since the launch of the program in 2015, around a hundred Telindus employees have been involved, from near and far, in the IT transformation of Auchan Luxembourg.