Arthur Welter optimizes the calculation and processing of pay slips with APSAL

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Since 2019, Arthur Welter - a historical player in the logistics sector in Luxembourg - has outsourced the entire management of his IT infrastructure to Telindus.

Arthur Welter was satisfied with the hosting solutions to manage his IT infrastructure, and naturally turned to his partner Telindus because the company was looking for a solution for calculating salaries and setting pay slips. As Arthur Welter was already working with Telindus for the hosting of its IT infrastructure, it was natural for them to ask his partner Telindus for a salary calculation and payroll solution. Arthur Welter decided to use the Telindus APSAL solution to calculate and establish the salary slips for all drivers and employees working in its logistics unit. The payroll engine, with the advanced configuration possibilities it offers, allows Arthur Welter’s HR team to save precious time.

Arthur Welter

Many variables to integrate

“The salary management solution we used in the past no longer met our specific needs, says Patrick Mergen, COO of Arthur Welter. The calculation of salary related to our activity, requires considering many variables, such as night or weekend hours, various bonuses and special holidays or specify tax when some of our drivers drive in a neighbouring country like Germany. So, we looked for a solution that could integrate all of these variables into a quick calculation of salary.”


A simple and adaptable solution

Since the beginning of 2022, Arthur Welter has been using the Telindus APSAL solution to calculate the salaries of 550 employees active in Arthur Welter Transports, i.e. drivers, and Arthur Welter Logistics at the depot. The group also manages the calculation of the salaries of its other entities, with 210 employees. “One of the great benefits of working with APSAL is its scalability, says Mergen. The development teams are close to us, and have taken the time to understand our needs and specificities related to our business, in particular to succeed the calculation of gross salary from the net. By working together, we were able to interface the solution to easily inject all the data and ensure that the calculated salaries are compliant.”

Voyage Emile Weber

Time saving and easy management

APSAL saved Arthur Welter precious time. With their previous solution, between the injection and the receipt of the pay slips, the process could take two days. “Now, operations are completed in 45 minutes maximum, explains the COO. Moreover, the fact that Apsal development service is located in Bertrange allows the solution to grow accordingly to market needs, anticipating and rapidly integrating legislative and tax developments specific to Luxembourg. The teams are dedicated and ready to answer our specific needs.We appreciated these advantages during the last months with the implementation by the government of an energy credit tax and a credit tax for employees. These changes could be automatically and effectively incorporated in the calculation of pay.”

Arthur Welter

An interoperable solution

Another great benefit of the solution is its interoperability. At Arthur Welter’s level, it works in synergy with the Transport Management System (TMS) used by the group, through which, for example, the working hours of employees and especially drivers are recorded. “On the one hand, the TMS allows to power our payroll calculation engine. On the other hand, information from APSAL contributes to improving team management, especially by providing data on the future availability of teams,” explains Patrick Mergen. By using APSAL, Arthur Welter strengthened his partnership with Telindus, taking advantage of having only one contact for its IT needs, the solution being hosted in the same environment as all the other digital resources of the group, all being operated by a single player from a robust and certified infrastructure.

Patrick mergen
Le mot du client

''The calculation of salary related to our activity, requires considering many variables (...). So, we looked for a solution that could integrate all of these variables into a quick calculation of salary''


Arthur Welter in a nutshell

Our transport company has been serving its clients since 1962. The company, founded in 1962 by Mr and Mrs Welter, is today the only Luxembourg transport company of this size that remains entirely family-owned. A fleet of more than 800 vehicles travels across the whole of Europe in the service of its clients: over 350 lorries internationally and over 100 vehicles nationally and regionally. Over 700 qualified and experienced staff are responsible for management, logistics, providing the transport and maintaining the fleet.

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