Telindus, the first player in Luxembourg to offer multi-vendor automatic mobile device enrollment

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Telindus, the first player in Luxembourg to offer multi-vendor automatic mobile device enrollment

In the modern enterprise, every mobile device is a data access point that must be managed and protected. From now on, mobile fleet managers can rely on Telindus to benefit from a range of device enrollment solutions that simplify device configuration, deployment and maintenance.


Enrolling mobile devices

Device enrollment programs enable mobile fleet managers to pre-configure device settings on a dedicated web portal and register them in their company's mobile device management solution (MDM).


User advantages

Device enrollment brings many advantages. First of all, once a device is enrolled by the company's IT team, the user only has to turn it on to have immediate access to his entire business environment on his smartphone or tablet: email, company intranet, attachment processing, etc. Indeed, at the time of enrollment, devices are provisioned to request an automatic registration with the MDM solution used by the company.

"In practical terms, when a user turns on his mobile device for the first time, the smartphone or tablet automatically connects to the enrollment tool and to the company's MDM solution that pushes the right profile towards the device. The user can then benefit from his own corresponding services in a simple and practical way, without any further action on his part", explains Júlio Pinho, Product Manager Telecom at Telindus.


Business benefits

Beyond simple configuration, it is also possible to supervise devices and set restrictions, such as disabling game applications, content exchange or messaging, and ensure web content filtering.

But where device enrollment shows its full relevance is in the automation of mobile devices deployment. When a device is activated, it is immediately possible for the fleet manager to configure applications, accounts and accesses, without physically touching the device. For devices enlisted in a device enrollment program, no manual configuration is required, not even a click on a link to the MDM tool to register the device. It is also impossible for users to avoid the MDM system or change the device management options defined by the company's security policy and mobility strategy.

"The mobile fleet manager, for his part, can constantly monitor the device's conformity, particularly in terms of security, and save time on deployments", says Júlio Pinho. "These automatic device enrollment programs are also a guarantee of faster, simpler, more efficient and therefore less expensive deployments since fewer errors occur during the process."


Reducing complexity

It is usually the user or the IT manager who is responsible for enrolling the device in the corporate MDM system. This lengthy and complex exercise is a source of errors and frustrations, which often means that only part of the company's mobile fleet is actually enlisted in the MDM solution.

To reduce this complexity and ensure consistency in the management of mobile device fleets, Telindus has set up a comprehensive offering in partnership with market leaders. This way, businesses benefit from the most appropriate solution for simplifying the deployment of their mobile fleet and streamlining their users' experience.


A premiere in Luxembourg

"Telindus already had the necessary partnerships to support Apple's enrollment solution - Apple Business Manager - and Samsung's Knox Mobile Enrollment", says Hugues Stiernon, Department Manager Telecom Solutions at Telindus. "By adding Google's Zero-Touch Enrollment program to our service catalogue, we enable each of our customers to benefit from the same user experience on virtually all devices. Today, Telindus is the only player in Luxembourg to offer a full range of enrollment solutions".

By eliminating human intervention, Telindus' multi-vendor device enrollment solutions help improve efficiency and avoid configuration errors. Moreover, by prohibiting users to modify any device settings, the solutions offered by Telindus provide an additional security guarantee.


Telindus, the leading convergent digital operator in Luxembourg, is the only player to offer organizations the device enrollment solutions of the three main mobile market suppliers, i.e. AppleGoogle and Samsung. By adding Google Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE) to its catalogue, Telindus provides the same quality of enrollment service for nearly all devices available on the enterprise mobility market.


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