VERMEG relies on Telindus' cloud offering

to guarantee the best cost-efficiency ratio for all its customers


VERMEG relies on Telindus' cloud offering to guarantee the best "cost-efficiency" ratio for all its customers

A major player in the publishing of software for the financial sector, Vermeg has chosen to host its platform on Telindus' U-Flex cloud offering. In this way, the company intends to distribute its SaaS mode solutions Soliam and Solife to its customers more efficiently with the highest security guarantees and all the flexibility required.


Cutting-edge technology with the right partner for the long term

Following the shutdown of its former supplier, the company had to find a new partner. "This change was an opportunity for us to reshape our SaaS platform, with the aim of taking advantage of the latest technological developments in infrastructure management and offering our customers greater flexibility,” comments Frédéric Arman, Delivery Manager Wealth & Asset Management Benelux at VERMEG. “While we wanted to make major changes as part of this transformation, the migration of the customer base had to be completed in less than two years."

It was a challenge to successfully complete such a project in a highly regulated sector. Not only did VERMEG need to find a partner that could provide all the guarantees of compliance with the financial sector regulator but also one that was sufficiently solid to convince customers of the desirability of this change.

The partner chosen by VERMEG was required to complement the application solutions by addressing the specific security and connectivity needs of its customers.

"More than just an 'infrastructure as a service' provider, Telindus offers an application management service. We were able to delegate the operation of our database middleware to its teams,” explains Frédéric Arman. "We have found a partner who will support us in our long-term development thanks to the flexibility of its U-Flex technology offering, which allows us to combine local hosting bricks with the public cloud. Each customer benefits from the advantages of mutualisation while enjoying great scalability of the resources they use. In helps us to achieve the best 'cost-efficiency' ratio. "

Gaining the trust of customers

To implement the migration, it was first necessary to obtain the confidence of VERMEG's customers in Telindus' ability to guarantee the level of service, the security of their data and the availability of distributed applications in SaaS mode from the infrastructure. As part of this migration and for the deployment of new customers, Telindus is working closely with the VERMEG team to address customer concerns and provide the necessary guarantees, which includes the ISO 27001 certification that the operator can claim. "Today, our teams know each other well. Our collaboration has enabled us to set up configuration templates that now allow us to welcome and integrate new customers in record time," comments Anne Thiel, Regional Sales Executive & Deputy Head, VERMEG.

“SaaS solutions are increasingly in demand by our customers,” says Anne Thiel. “The health crisis has reinforced this trend, with players more eager than ever to benefit from the various advantages of this mode of use, namely speed of implementation, data security, simplicity and availability. In the future, by leveraging Telindus' expertise, VERMEG will be in a position to continue to develop its SaaS offering by deploying platforms for other Vermeg solutions. "