Optimise your IT and communication expenses

Your Needs

It is quite difficult to assess and to predict all the costs relating to IT needs.

Some are direct and obvious, such as the investment and depreciation of infrastructures (servers, networks, security components, etc.), or software (OS, DB, application, etc.), for which minor and major updates must be taken into account – as must the hardware and software maintenance and replacement of obsolete hardware.

Others are indirect and are not always taken into consideration, although they are often substantial in terms of money and time:

  • Investment procedures (multiple meetings, analysis and argument files, decision-making time, etc.).
  • Training on IT technologies
  • Security patch management
  • Obsolete hardware replacement projects
  • Electric power, cooling energy


To this should be added the costs or losses of revenue due to a poorly managed, inefficient or defective infrastructure;

  • Losses due to delays in launching new projects or products;
  • Losses due to lack of performance (dissatisfied customers, etc.);
  • Possible cost and impact on the business due to an interruption of the infrastructure, handling error or security lapse.

Our Approach

A big surprise is often in store when the direct and indirect costs are tallied.  The more aware you are of them, the better we will be able to optimise them and thus preserve your margin and competitiveness.

So how can you reduce your IT expenses?
Several factors are to be taken into consideration, including the pooling of investments, expertise, management and support teams.  Improving efficiency by reducing the administrative and procedure workload, as well as the consolidation of network and telecommunication infrastructures and facilities are also lines that must not be overlooked.

To that end, Telindus proposes information management solutions that will enable you to pool and rationalise resources and make savings.

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Our solutions

Control costs

Investing in an infrastructure constitutes a considerable expense in terms of hardware, software and human resources. When you opt for U-flex, you access flexible infrastructure services without investment, but with total control and a quality guarantee.

U-touch is the ideal solution when it comes to the management and control of your communication costs. No need to invest in expensive software and infrastructure any longer. U-touch is a “Pay-as-you-use” solution whereby you can take out a monthly subscription per user.

Opt for the most suitable solution

Telindus Explore is a unique, multi-service solution that can be adapted to suit your communication needs:  A single line, which facilitates your connectivity and optimises your costs. Your data flows are prioritised.  Explore gives preference to what counts the most for you and your business.

Hosting services in self-service mode by U-cloud driven by Azure technology have more of an effect precisely on the pooling of investments and above all on the simplification of administration and procedures.

Relieve your IT department from repetitive administrative tasks and provide efficient quality service to your employees thanks to U-select. This solution enables you to create an application ever so simply in order to meet your company’s efficiency and productivity needs.

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