Innovation in the service of growth

Your Needs

The challenge every business faces today is how to adapt to the changing demands of the market as promptly as possible with innovative products. New players are emerging in growth areas, competition is getting keener, and new laws and regulations are bringing opportunities… and constraints.

Innovation has thus become indispensable for survival. Yet the time allotted to turn an initial spark into a brilliant idea and to ensure that your product or service retains an innovative edge is getting ever shorter….

Our Approach

Provide companies with the means to innovate continuously

Large enterprises have to find new methods of operation so as to avoid growing sluggish under the burden of procedural and organisational red tape. Small and medium-sized enterprises must in turn find solutions to press ahead quickly, despite the lack of means and resources.

To give your company strong competitive advantages, you must provide your staff with the means to establish and cultivate relations that promote innovation and lead to a better customer experience.

Telindus lends your company support in its quest for performance and progress through a wide range of specific products and services. We can give you the means to innovate and develop the necessary flexibility so as to stay in full control of your business.


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Our solutions

Boost innovation and gain flexibility by simplifying the IT development process.

Telindus provides a wide of range of products that can meet your innovation wishes and expectations.

Unified telecommunications

A unified telephony and communication service in the cloud such as U-touch will enable your staff to communicate in an effective and flexible way to promote innovation (videoconferencing, Fixed Mobile Convergence, instant messaging, etc.).


You can avail yourself of the automation capabilities of the Telindus U-select service to improve the processing speed and quality of requests from your employees, while reducing costs and risks of error.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting services such as U-flex will enable your company to simplify and streamline the management of its technical infrastructure and facilities, reduce costs, avoid long investment procedures, and focus on its innovation projects and core business.

Adaptable cloud

You can now have new IT resources in just a few minutes and adapt your costs to actual needs without taking risks, thanks to the U-cloud service.

Collaborative platform

Your company can use U-share for secured collaboration between teams working remotely, partners and consultants to stimulate innovation (R&D, clusters, development, etc.) and give you a considerable competitive edge.

Effective partnership

Our SME solution in the cloud features a group of partners who can help small and medium-sized companies innovate without major investments.

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