Improve the productivity of your staff

Your Needs

Productivity seems self-evident. Yet it depends on many factors, from the tools made available to personal motivation.

There are many potential impediments to productivity, and each of them can have repercussions on the others:

  • Lack of resources or time to improve the applications (outdated, slow, heavy, not very automated)
  • Poor communication between employees
  • Lack of training
  • Excessively complex and often disregarded IT management

Our Approach

Advise and guide companies to develop their IT tools

Technological impediments still all too often prevent the employees of a company from getting involved in lines of activity.

Thanks to an outsourcing project and efficient applications, the teams have more time, motivation and energy to concentrate on their core activity.

Complete and effective data sharing solutions also help to boost the performance of your employees in mobile environments.

Staff productivity is closely linked to the availability of information systems and the accessibility of useful data. Our role is to enable to access them continuously and to guarantee the best experiences possible.

The ultimate aim is to improve teamwork and boost the performance and efficiency of each and everyone.

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Our solutions

Telindus gives you the means and resources to boost the motivation of employees through a series of efficient and adapted tools. Thanks to the Telindus connectivity and cooperation services, your employees can benefit from more flexibility and mobility without loss of productivity.

More efficiency

  • Our SME in the cloud solution now enables you to strengthen and increase your efficiency, thanks to indispensable professional tools such as Office 365, access to a customised office automation area, and the integration of your core application.
  • Teamwork and information efficiency can be improved even further, thanks to the Telindus U-touch collaboration service.
  • The mobility of your staff can be optimised with the U-share data sharing solution which enables you to access your contents in complete security from wherever you are.

More flexibility

  • The procedure monitoring can be automated thanks to U-select. Employees can thus take advantage of a quality IT service and a very short-response time.
  • Flexible, simple and agile, the U-cloud driven by Azure Technology can be used to test new applications without any financial risk. Your employees can thus take advantage of efficient, new generation tools.
  • The hosting service managed by U-flex releases you from the constraints of IT infrastructure management and helps you boost performance and security.

The technology can thus be combined with staff management methods to improve the motivation and productivity of your teams.

The Telindus guarantees