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Your Needs

Being an entrepreneur is a daily struggle.

All companies, large and small, have to include a technological component in their marketing strategy nowadays if they wish to preserve their competitive edge. Technology can help you stand out, irrespective of the size of your company.

Technology can contribute to the development of businesses, but small enterprises generally have little time to devote to technology and therefore do not necessarily seize every opportunity.  Their prime concern is that “things work” and that they are protected against “unpleasant surprises.” 

Our Approach

IT maintenance and security generate sizeable expenses for SMEs to the detriment of their profitability. Lacking the financial resources to manage IT services in house, people-centred companies opt for outsourced IT services.  They can thus delegate the management of their infrastructure so that they can focus on their core activity.  In this way, SMEs are guaranteed the latest, continuously available IT system at a fixed monthly price per user.

Cooperation is another important aspect for the development of your business. To be more productive, the teams must be able to work together from any location and from any device.

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Our solutions

Improve the efficiency of your teams

Telindus provides virtual and functional solutions for all your employees to boost their productivity while creating a calm environment.

We have a solution for each of your needs

  • SME in the cloud: access the Telindus cloud and delegate your IT management to a trusted partner.
  • U-touch: opt for professional telephony for SMEs.
  • Telindus Explore: capitalise on a single connection and multi-services for your specific communication needs.
  • Flex: discover the first mobile bundle that is adapted to the usage of your workers automatically.

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