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Proximus Luxembourg is proud to provide data-driven solutions and integration services to boost your digital transformation through the new Codit Luxembourg team.

Codit and Telindus are key players within their respective domains. By combining these skills, Proximus Luxembourg is able to provide integrated 360° digital solutions, helping companies to drive their business through their entire journey of digital transformation. No matter where the customer is on the digital journey, Codit will intervene and adapt to the maturity of the specific roadmap. With constant changes in the organization and in evolving technology Codit will help making sure the business values are created and fulfilled.


As a Microsoft Azure strategic partner, Codit enables effective decision-making, operational excellence, cost reduction and an improved customer experience by integrating people, applications, data and things. No matter where the customer is in their digital development, Codit will adapt the strategy to the maturity of the specific roadmap. With constant changes in the organization and in evolving technology Codit will help to ensure that business values are created and fulfilled.

Codit capitalizes on the skills developed by its experts in areas such as Cloud migration, API Management, Application Integration and Modernization, Artificial intelligence and IoT, but also on a strong partnership with Microsoft. The services offered also benefit from Telindus expertise in platform integration and cloud adoption, especially for regulated sectors but also requires comprehensive analysis of that data.

Good decision making starts with accurate data, but also requires a comprehensive analysis of data. The team leverages scalable Microsoft Azure technologies backed by seamless integration across platforms, applications and data sources to convert data into actionable business insights.

Business Cases

Euronav’s IoT Solution Connects Vessels to Shore, Improving Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Euronav, a market-leading crude oil carrier, is dedicated to making the tanker industry more responsible and sustainable. They decided to pioneer digital transformation using smart IoT technology. The goals include: further improving safety and environmental protection, increasing energy savings of the ships, reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint, saving on vessel Operational Expenses (OPEX), improving collaboration and overall efficiency, and designing a path to Zero Emission targets by 2050.

By combining the physical and the digital world, you can add value to your business. Internet of Things allows you to gain valuable insights. Take advantage of this massive opportunity. Kickstart your IoT now with Codit.


Codit guides you through API management solutions and professional consultancy

Brussels Airlines wanted to offer exceptional customer and employee experiences by integrating the multiple back-end systems that made up their passenger service system. The new integrated system keeps customers and employees updated with important information such as flight delays.

The Brussels Airlines passenger service system was in desperate need of an overhaul. Its collection of siloed systems were unable to keep customers, crew, and employees up to date with pertinent information such as flight planning or system statuses. Brussels Airlines knew that if things didn’t change their customers would be flying off to the airline with better service. They decided to take action. Back-end integration, which allows data to seamlessly flow from one app to another, was the only way to go.

Building and managing APIs is often considered as challenging. Yet the secret lies in implementing a flexible API management platform and getting people on board. With a proven track-record in setting up successful API programs, Codit guides you.


Swiss Re leverages Cloud Technology and Data Services for its Digital Risk Intelligence Solutions

Powerful Azure-based digital solutions provide better insights into risks and enable digital native risk transfer solutions in a highly automated fashion.

Swiss Re makes better use of data and technology to provide its clients with solutions addressing client current and future needs and opportunities, ranging from bespoke analytics solutions to scalable platforms for parametric insurance and reinsurance capacity. A Cloud native approach allows Swiss Re to efficiently deploy solutions in traditional as well as new digital markets.

Azure solutions can only be made efficient, scalable and secure with the right know-how and the right project methodology. Codit gives you the tools to efficiently explore new business models. Build new applications and make them mobile or integrate with partners.

Our methodology

Codit’s project methodology is based on more than 15 years of experience in integration.  Our team of highly-skilled Microsoft experts will listen to your integration needs and work with you to define a strong architecture for your integration solution. We have a pragmatic approach to finding the perfect integration solution to fit your business needs. We believe in a holistic approach where we guide you through designing, building and testing your integration solution. Your team will be actively involved in this phase so that when your integration solution is ready we can guarantee a smooth handover.


Our project methodology ensures that your integration solution is future-proof. We use our very own framework which ensures that best practices are also enforced in the future even if new developers come on board. We will give you ongoing expert advice and help you decide which solutions fit best for/to your integration needs. Since we are Microsoft integration experts, you can trust us to help you make the right decisions. Requirement analysis is done in close collaboration with you. This leads to a solid technical design, which ensures that stakeholders fully understand how the solution will be built. Whenever needed, knowledge transfer takes place between your team and Codit, including full training sessions. We ensure the highest quality by having senior developers and architects continually review your solution in the build phase. Testing the software components and the entire solution ensures that it conforms to the highest standards.


Faster Project Delivery

  • Our proven guidelines and best practices speed up delivery.
  • Agile methods are applied to implement parts of the solution in just weeks.
  • Our framework drastically saves development time.


Stay in control of your budget

By adapting best practices for each project, we ensure that your solution is easy to maintain and adapt – there is no guesswork. Common pitfalls and ‘reinventing the wheel’ are avoided.


Standardization of approach and implementation

Our framework ensures that your integration project is implemented using a standardized approach based on the most up to date Microsoft best practices.

Our Location


18 Rue du Puits
8070 Bertrange
+352 27 77 70 0

About us

At Codit we want to help make the world an even smarter place. By creating customer cloud solutions that make the world’s data work better, we help our customers to evolve, and touch the lives of millions across the globe.

Our team of 200 employees across our offices in Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta and Luxembourg use leading Microsoft Azure Cloud Native technologies to put the world’s data to work.

From the creation of data platforms that aid the development of smart cities, to solutions that push forward the production of renewable energy, Codit has been helping our customers to realize their ideals and to strive for a better, more future-orientated world for over twenty years.

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Our cutting-edge Azure integration solutions connect your business to your customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and followers.

Connecting means pooling your and our specialized knowledge and skills to create a winning solution.

By harnessing our talents and powers, we realize true digital transformation.

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