Codit Luxembourg

The new Codit Luxembourg team drives Digital Transformation through Cloudification & Data Insights

Proximus Luxembourg is proud to provide data-driven solutions and integration services to boost your digital transformation through the new Codit Luxembourg team.

Codit and Telindus are key players within their respective domains. By combining these skills, Proximus Luxembourg is able to provide integrated 360° digital solutions, helping companies to drive their business through their entire journey of digital transformation.

Being a strategic Microsoft Azure partner, Codit enables effective decision-making, operational excellence, cost reductions and an improved customer experience by integrating people, applications, data and things.

Codit capitalizes on the competencies developed by its experts in domains such as Cloud migration, API Management, Application Integration & Modernization, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, but also on a strong partnership with Microsoft. The services offered also draw their relevance from Telindus' expertise in systems integration and cloud adoption, particularly for regulated sectors.

Good decision making starts with accurate data, but also requires a comprehensive analysis of data. The team leverages scalable Microsoft Azure technologies backed by seamless integration across platforms, applications and data sources to convert data into actionable business insights.

About us

Codit employs more than 180 people in Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta and Luxembourg. Since 2000, we have successfully implemented over 500 integration solutions worldwide.

Press release : ''Introducing Codit Luxembourg: Driving Innovation through DataDriven Solutions''


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