5G, towards a world of innovation

Benefit of 5G

Telindus presents its 5G innovation platform for businesses.
In order to support its customers and partners in their innovation efforts within a co-creation mode, Telindus is rolling out a platform dedicated to 5G-based innovation projects.
Organizations wishing to implement such projects can connect with Telindus teams to explore the potential for implementation via the dedicated portal.

From 5G to digitalization, in a nutshell

The advent of the fifth generation of mobile networks opens the door to a multitude of innovations and scenarios that were hitherto only partially possible. Many fields of application have already been pinpointed and many more are still to be explored.

With a speed up to 10 times faster than 4G, significantly lower latency and a density of interconnected objects of up to 1 million per square kilometre, 5G is a revolutionary mobile radio technology that will enable the rise of new wireless transmission usage models.

5G is also a modular technology, adaptable to each specific use thanks to the slicing network. This feature literally allows the virtual network splitting and assigns specific characteristics, such as customised security levels and priority, to each 'slice'.

5G in practice

Mobile networks have become essential for us and for our devices.
With 5G, the Internet of Things is set to grow like never before.



What will change with 5G?

5G will help to transform the way we live and enjoy. The Internet of Things will be able to develop like never before and that will change our lives: THE SMART CITY.

Ecology, environment, mobility and interconnectivity will be the main challenges for our future cities, known as "Smart-cities". Optimization of city lighting, automatically regulated watering of plantations according to weather conditions, are among the many innovations that will be part of our everyday life.


Enhanced reality, virtual reality, much more fluid online games with new experiences, holograms,... all these technological innovations that are in their very beginnings, will be able to mature thanks to 5G. New and even more advanced video formats will be available, with a democratization of the 4K, then a progressive introduction of the 8K or 360-degree video, allowing an unprecedented immersion in content. Connected objects will be even more connected, and even increasingly interconnected, with incredible possibilities for the users.


Transportation will be highly impacted. The multiplicity of sensors will allow improved traffic management, leading to a decrease in accidents as a consequence of the future democratisation of autonomous vehicles. Traffic jams will also decrease thanks to a more fluid and controlled traffic flow.
The countryside and the outskirts will also benefit from the new accessibility provided by this autonomy...


Industries will be able to develop remote management systems for robotic equipment, with safer and more sustainable processes. Tasks will become easier and more enjoyable.


The medicine of the future will require 5G with, for example, remote surgical operations: thanks to the fluidity of 5G and its low latency (1ms. The best care will therefore be accessible to a greater number of people.

Frequently asked questions

What is 5G?

What does the term "5G" stand for? 
5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks and it is expected to be one of the fastest wireless technologies ever created.

What are the key advantages of 5G?
Being faster than everything before it, 5G will allow you to enjoy your content faster, more fluidly and with higher quality.


And in practice, is it fast?
Yes, faster than everything before, here you have an example of what 5G will enable you to do compared to the previous technologies:

Will 5G replace Wi-Fi? 
No, 5G is not intended to replace the Wi-Fi networks. However, this technology could be an effective alternative where Wi-Fi is not available.

Availability and needs to connect to 5G

When will 5G become available? 
From 23 October 2020, Telindus will launch the 5G network for Luxembourg City. It will then be deployed from the beginning of 2021 in the main cities of the South and then in the rest of the country to rapidly cover the largest population areas.

What do I need to use 5G? 
To use 5G you will need: 5G coverage, a device compatible with our 5G network -See "Will my mobile phone be compatible?" for more details-, a 5G mobile plan ( Telindus mobile plans are compatible with 5G).

Do I have to change my sim Card to connect to 5G?
No, you can keep your SIM card and connect to 5G network, all SIMs are compatible with it.

Is 5G available with eSIM?
Yes, 5G is also compatible with eSIM.

Will my mobile phone be compatible? 
Currently iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 PRO are the only devices compatible with our 5G network. We are working with vendors and many more 5G compatible devices will be added to our portfolio soon.

Is 5G supported in roaming?
We are working to integrate 5G roaming right now, in the meanwhile, roaming will be done on 4G network.

Which frequency band is used for 5G mobile service?
It's about about 3.5 GHZ and 800Mhz.


5G, towards a world of innovation

What are the benefits and challenges of 5G?
Connecting everything, more quickly.

Every day, data consumption (for video, music, games, calls, etc.) continues to rise and an increasing number of devices (smartphones, tablets, sensors, video cameras, portable accessories, connected devices, connected cars, etc.) are connected simultaneously.

4G network will soon no longer be efficient enough to support our daily exchanges and needs.
5G is the solution for the future, capable of supporting an even greater number of devices without any loss of quality and with greater reliability.With 5G, the Internet of Things will be able to develop like never before.

Will there be new needs for enterprises?
Yes. 5G will enable a whole world of possibilities for the enterprises: there will be new retail models with connected spaces, immersive experiences with augmented and virtual realities. Shopping experience will be personalized thanks to a richer interaction with the customer. In manufacturing there is a clear trend of automation and data exchange. In general, all type of industries will be transformed thanks to robotics, digitalization, cloud computing and Internet of things, this is Industry 4.0.

How can 5G help the enterprises?
The increase of remote work makes connectivity crucial for the enterprises. With 5G you can work as if you were in the office: use your cloud services, office applications, upload/download files, video conferencing, etc...
Working with real-time communications anytime and anywhere increases efficiency and productivity. Network slicing and security will be critical on new generation mobile Private networks.




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