The Telindus solutions

Customers must adapt constantly if they are to prosper. The economy is increasingly service-oriented, and a digital transformation is now necessary in all sectors. To help you tackle this challenge, Telindus has brought together a large number of sectorial experts.  Our ICT offer in service mode enables us to provide a wide range of innovative managed services that meet the specific needs of each of you for the sustainable development of your activities. From fixed and mobile communications via ICT infrastructures, the cloud and security, you can take advantage of a high connectivity capacity, essential applications and efficient IT solutions which stand guarantee for availability, flexibility and security.

So you can concentrate fully (100%) on your core activity.

  • All managed services for the management of your infrastructure

    Companies nowadays depend on a wide variety of complex systems to run their business.  The internal operating costs are sizeable while those relating to unavailability play a crucial role.

    Drawing on experience and expertise of more than 35 years as an integrator and of 15 years in outsourcing operations, Telindus is the ideal partner to meet such requirements, in particular through a cloud offer combined with management services.

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  • All cloud solutions in Luxembourg

    Switch to the cloud with the Telindus solutions.

    You will enjoy a flexible IT environment that can increase your performance while reducing your costs. The simplification of procedures and IT management give you time to re-focus on your core activity and increase your agility.

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  • All ICT solutions for your company

    The Telindus ICT solutions are far more than a combination of IT and telecommunication components. They are above all a blend of innovative technologies, backed by more than 35 years of expertise on the Luxembourg market. This expertise stems from our capacity to create end-to-end architectures, from the workplace station to datacentre facilities. Reliable, open-ended scalable and agile versatile, our solutions are guaranteed by a framework contract which includes full comprehensive and customisable service level agreements (SLAs). We are also working in partnership with the largest providers of IT solutions to provide you with optimal technology.

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  • Cybersecurity: IT risk analysis and management

    Telindus is committed to a comprehensive approach, supporting you in implementing your digital transformation strategy and security policy for the most critical information systems through a complete range of services and security solutions.

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  • Telecoms: communication solutions in Luxembourg

    Today, Telindus powered by Tango offers a full range of telecommunication services for businesses: innovative and competitive products combined with extensive experience on the B2B market to meet your voice and connectivity needs.

    And being mobile means being active. To remain efficient while on the go, you have to be able to access your data and be reachable at all times in a secure manner. It is an ongoing challenge we are taking on to advise and support you in the development of your business.

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  • DigitalTrust Solutions

    Telindus developed innovative Digital Solutions for the financial and other industries that enhance competitiveness through Improved Client Satisfaction and Optimized Productivity.

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