Telindus Rebranding I Due date Oct 17th

Welcome to the Telindus rebranding logbook.

Here you will find all information related to our new EBU brand name: Proximus NXT.

Download Proximus NXT new graphical identity

Why this rebranding?

The technological landscape in many sectors is changing at an unprecedented pace. Companies and public administrations need to innovate, become more efficient, more agile and more customer-centric, while ensuring business continuity and security. Artificial Intelligence, which is now embedded in most new technologies, is opening up a new chapter in the evolution of ICTs, promising dazzling advances that were unthinkable just a short time ago for most economic sectors.  

In order to enter this new era together, on October 17th 2024, Telindus will evolve and become Proximus NXT Luxembourg. 

Why the name Proximus NXT?

The letters NXT are a simplification of NEXT and embody our ambition to shape the technological challenges of the future in co-creation with our customers.
With Proximus NXT, we will continue to help our customer manage, optimize and digitally transform their business by offering them a full range of ICT, telecoms and mobile services solutions. The change of brand makes explicit our desire to bring the strength of the Proximus group to the market. 
Together and with the support of our technology partners and the other affiliated brands of the Proximus group, we will continue to implement sovereign, secure and intelligent solutions that meet today's digital challenges,  and help our customer to realize their ambitions and bring their vision to life.

Logo reveal

Discover here our future new logo !

Who is concerned by this change?

  • Only Telindus people are concerned by this rebranding.
  • Tango remains as Tango.
  • Codit remains as Codit but its logo will slightly evolve with the "Proximus NXT" endorsment.

Proximus NXT new identity

  • Here is a list of logos with horizontal and vertical designs; the vertical version is preferred. In terms of colourimetry, the multi-colour version is preferable when the background of the template used allows it.
  • For internal presentation to the group, please use the Proximus NXT Luxembourg logo 
  • The new font will be the Proximus.
  • All templates (word, ppt, Proximus NXT identity card, quote, offer template, ...) will be uploaded on the intranet >> Pages - Go to market ( on Sept. 15th to be beta tested by you. These templates must remain internal  until Oct. 18th.
Logos Proximus NXT
basic template
What will change?
Telindus email address
  • Telindus email addresses "" will be replaced by "". Our Proximus email address will become the main one to send and receive emails.
  • You will no longer be able to send emails from the Telindus address, but you can still receive them. An automatic redirection will be made.
  • As for the Tango and e-mail addresses for the support departments, they will not be affected by the change.
Telindus email signature
A new email signature will be pushed into your outlook system on Oct 18th. You will need to update it and put your working information before using it. 
Telindus website and social media
On oct 18th, Telindus website and Telindus' social media will evolve and become Proximus NXT Luxembourg. 
U-share logins
On oct 18th we will do a change with all u-share access. Telindus people will need to use their Proximus email address instead of the Telindus one. 
What will not change for you?
Our activites
Proximus NXT is the new name for our activities on the professional market for medium and large companies. The world is changing rapidly, companies have to deal with huge amounts of data to manage, store and analyze. The emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, machine learning and cloudification directly impacts many business processes.
Proximus NXT helps companies meet these digital challenges and become more competitive. 
Application logins
  • You can continue using your for all application hosted into  Azure cloud e.g teams, webex, etc.
  • As your email address will not be disactivated, you can continue to use it as usual. If you don't remember your password, you can ask for a password recovery without any problem.
Your day to day at the Proximus House
You can continue working as usual with the same working habits. This rebranding will not have a big impact on your day to day activities.

Rebranding Timeline

  • Summer 2024: preparation of all assets, change of template , change of URL/DNS, etc. Every team is working hard to make it happen right on time.
  • Sept 15th : a communication will be send to our customer via email by their respective Account Manager. This communication will inform our customer about the rebranding but will also invite them to attend our event on Oct 17th.
  • Oct 17th : customers, partners, prospects event at the Proximus House to officially launch our new brand name.
  • Oct 18th: media campaign  wave#1 with a press release, several banners and interviews to  announce the change. The Telindus website and our social media channels will also change for and @ProximusNxtLuxembourg for our social media channels. Several surprises for our collaborators are also planned.
  • Nov 18th : Media campaign wave#2 with new banners including a business and corporate message.
  • December : Proximus NXT internal party. The occasion to celebrate all together this new chapter.


rebranding timeline

ICT impacts

  • domain name
This domain name will remain live but hidden with a redirection to . The customer using this domain name will have 1 year to change their hostname to . They will be notified by their respective account manager in September.
  • ServiceNow
We will use the opportunity of the rebranding to change the change the ServiceNow URL from to
Tango customer ticket will be branded with Tango colors
Proximus NXT customer ticket will be branded with  Proximus NXT colors.
  • //
Starting beginning of October we will stop selling  URLs or websites with the Telindus name into it. They will be sell under Proximus NXT name.
For the customer using the hostname, they will have a year to change it
Do you have questions? Wish to share feedbacks?

Send us your comments and questions about rebranding. Our marketing team will get back to you as soon as possible.