Mobile phone flat rates adapted for business

Whether often in the office or on the road, all your employees use their mobile phones differently.

With our various mobile flat-rate packages, everyone can choose a rate suiting his needs, so you do not have to pay for unused minutes.

  • Flex

    Flex is the first monthly rate which adapts automatically to the use made by your employees, ensuring that you only pay for what your employees really need. Not more!

    Thanks to the Flex rates, your employees can be reached everywhere in Europe and the United States, while at the same time benefiting from the Tango 4G/4G+ network.  For even greater flexibility, you can opt for the attractive rates for destinations outside Europe by adding roaming options to your Flex packages.


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  • Smart

    Provide your employees with a best-price flat-rate that includes Europe and the United States. Our Smart rates enable you to keep your mobile budget under control with all voice/SMS units* included and up to 40 GB everywhere in Europe and the United States.

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