Mobile telecommunication: phone plans and options

Efficient and easily customisable, the various solutions offered by Telindus enable your employees to benefit from a mobile offer matching their real needs, in accordance with those of your company.

Backed by the experience of Proximus and Tango, Telindus has developed a range of very innovative professional mobile products. Our partnership with Vodafone also offers you extensive possibilities for your international needs.  Whether an SME or large company, whatever your communication needs, we have a matching offer for you.  We offer a “pay-as-you-use” rate, a fixed mobile flat-rate or a rate adapted each month to your usage. Thanks to these options, you are guaranteed a 100% customised solution.

  • Fixed-mobile convergence

    Fixed- mobile convergence (FMC) is the major challenge of the years to come. More and more collaboration tools are being used in companies. When you are travelling, your means of communication are far too often limited to the simplest channels. Telindus has developed a solution unique to Luxembourg to provide true convergence between mobile phones and the fixed network within a company. Your fixed telephone becomes mobile, and you can stay in contact with your customers at all times, wherever you may be.


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  • Mobile voice recording

    We have created Telindus Mobile Voice Recording (MVR), a mobile voice recording and SMS service for your employees in Luxembourg, or traveling abroad

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  • Enterprise Mobile Management

    Today, many employees find the boundaries between private and professional life melting away as their companies’ communications go digital and rely massively on mobile devices. Just about any task can now be done on a smartphone or tablet; but though the tools that are used for business look and feel like the ones familiar to consumers, their use still needs to be regulated by the company’s own rules – on data security more than anything.

    There’s a whole range of technological solutions for managing employees’ mobile devices, and keeping them and their data secure.

    At Telindus it’s EMM solutions (Enterprise Mobile Management) that provides the central point for integrated management and regulation of company mobiles.

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  • Mobile Threat Defense

    MTD solutions (Mobiles Threat Defense) are essential to the security of a company’s mobile devices. They’re powerful, simple and reliable, usually consisting of a software agent that runs in the background on the device without compromising its functionality.

    Most often, MTD solutions use cloud technology and are managed at a dashboard enabling the IT Manager to monitor the state of all the firm’s mobile devices in depth at any time (device scan, app scan, and Wi-Fi network analysis). But they can also be hosted on premises.

    According to Gartner’s Guide to MTD Solutions, by 2019 a third of the total number of malware programs identified by standard tests will be targeting mobile devices – many more than the 7.5% of such programs today. And 30% of businesses will have installed a MTD solution by 2020, compared with fewer than 10% this year.


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  • Mobile phone flat rates adapted for business

    Whether a small or large company, Telindus offers you a wide range of mobile packages matching your needs. Options are also available to enable your staff to share rates. And – with our financing options – they can benefit from the latest smartphones.

  • Mobile phone options : daily or monthly

    By adding options to your mobile flat rates, you can enable your employees to collaborate efficiently. Telindus offers options for sharing the various communication volumes between your staff. Also look out for our financing options to equip them with the latest smartphones.

  • Devices Enrollment

    Have a turnkey option to configure your mobile devices before they are deployed within the company.

    With Telindus' new "Devices Enrollement" program you can define the security, administration and configuration settings for mobile devices in advance, i.e. before they are put into service. You are thus free to choose the mobile platform of your choice and your employees are immediately operational with their equipment.

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  • SMS Gateway

    In an ultra-connected world where the majority of the population has a mobile phone, communicating by SMS has become ubiquitous. To do this, Telindus presents SMS Gateway, a service that allows you to stay as close as possible to your customers, partners and/or colleagues. Whether via web platform or via API integration, sending text messages has never been easier. Reliable, customizable and efficient, Telindus SMS Gateway allows you to communicate the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

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