Video Protection

Increase insights from data in video streams by using AI technology to automatically detect, analyze and interpret activity in real time. Works with classifications of objects such as people, cars, or license plates within images and video feeds in real time.

Key benefits Video Protection

  • Security

    Real-time surveillance and monitoring that helps detecting crime and preventing unauthorized access

  • Productivity

    Provide valuable insights and data that can be used to informed decision-making and improve performance

  • Monitoring

    Incorporates advanced features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and integration with other security systems, providing enhanced monitoring capabilities

The benefits

  • The most apparent benefit of the system is an increased sense of security for the business. When you install the system, you take steps to protect your business and resources against potential vandalism, theft, etc.

  • With such security comes peace of mind knowing that the business can operate without intrusions.

  • Digital systems not only capture and store more videos: they also provide a clear and better video feed with HD definition and different viewing angles. The precise imagery enables your security personnel to identify and prosecute suspects.

The characteristics

  • Video Management System
  • Camera on Video Wall Monitoring Solution
  • Video Safety and Recording