Video conferencing To develop your collaboration space

Video calls are part and parcel of our daily work nowadays.  Long reserved for hardened users, video is now accessible to all and on every device. Booming mobility and the need to go ever faster are making it increasingly difficult to organise physical meetings.

Thanks to video, you provide far more effective communication than a simple telephone call. You combine gestures with intonation, whilst a very high definition communication quality gives you the impression of face-to-face communication – an very effective way to cultivate good business relations.

Key benefits Video conferencing

  • Flexibility and adaptability

    Nothing could be simpler than using your existing screens or integrating video conferencing seamlessly into a specific room design. And finally, why not use videoconferencing via an application on your PC or smartphone/tablet?

  • Optimal management of space and time

    Turn small spaces into conference rooms and connect several sites, without wasting time on organising physical meetings!

  • Opening onto the world

    Sophisticated, interoperable solutions enable you to communicate with the entire world thanks to tools complying with the relevant technological standards.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Cutting back travel

    Videoconferencing is undoubtedly the technological solution offering the best return on investment. Boost the collaboration capacity and productivity of your teams, while reducing travel costs. Avoid wasting time on the road and last-minute cancellations because of transport problems.  

  • Bring together the experts

    Your specialists are more accessible, for everyone and whenever necessary. This visual linking between a specialist and your customers improves quality and decision-making speed.

The characteristics

  • Solutions matching every environment, every budget, every device
  • Enhanced interoperability to talk with as many people as possible
  • Very high image quality
  • Secure information flows

Other solutions