Telindus Compliance Recording

Telindus Compliance  Recording  solution  can record fixed telephony (such as Cisco, Skype for Business or Teams technologies, Chat messaging, Video conferencing, Screen sharing, turret).

It enables your organisation to record calls and SMS in Luxembourg and when traveling abroad.

The solution is secure, allowing four eyes access, dedicated encryption  keys  per  customer,  and storing data in our Luxembourg Cloud or in your own infrastructure.

Key benefits Telindus Compliance Recording

  • Meeting complex regulations

    Manage the avalanche of increasingly complex and constantly evolving financial services regulations.

  • Enable compliance across all
    your interactions

    Capture the ever-increasing variety of communication modes: voice, IM, Screen sharing, file transfer and other forms of content. 

    Designed to enable communication compliance for leading platforms: Cisco, Microsoft, BT, IPC, and more.

    Gain full control with real-time dashboards and reporting functionalities.

  • Agility

    Multiple Delivery Options:

    · Cloud Recording : Telindus Compliance Recording enables your organisation to record and store all calls in our secure cloud environment in Luxembourg. The solution automatically monitors, encrypts and seals all access to recordings.

    · Hybrid Recording: Your organization can seamlessly store all calls records, using your enterprise storage infrastructure. 

    · On-Premise Recording: This option allows you to host and manage the recording engine, as well as the data records.


The benefits

  • Manage operational risk and ensure adherence

    Reduce compliance costs by providing a deeper understanding of the status of your critical communications environment across multiple vendors and services.

    Reduce the overhead and resources needed by:

    · Centralise record internal and external communication streams
    · Manage and analyse large unstructured data sets
    · Prevent wrong communications to happen by using “Ethical Wall”

  • Build compliance oversight over your critical infrastructure

    Set up your own policy rules and ensure that you comply with internal and external regulations.

    Use real-time metrics for actionable, auditable insights with instant reports on detected issues and global service performance.

  • Turn data into intelligence

    A single search and playback interface and timeline view for all interaction types.

    Intuitive labeling and case management functionalities.

    Powerful phonetic search (standard in English, can be tailored in other languages on demand).

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