Strategy, risk management and advice Between vulnerability assessment and IT Risk Management

Although products and solutions are increasingly sophisticated with regard to security, there is no such thing as zero risk. The question is therefore not whether your company is secure, but whether your level of risk is acceptable.

To answer this question, you need to have a precise picture of your exposure and thus to know your strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. To best manage the available resources (human, financial, time, etc.), Telindus proposes a strategy, risk management and advice solution, ensuring a good level of security and allowing you to continue running your business without problems.

Key benefits Strategy, risk management and advice

  • Efficient strategy and governance

    The cybersecurity programme for your information/data is defined in accordance with your company’s objectives and risk management. You benefit from a governance model, communication channels and reports on information security fully matching your internal structure.

  • Managing risks with the potential to impact your business

    In addition to your business, we secure your IT environment, providing an information security management system (ISMS pursuant to the ISO 27001 international standard). We deal with your risks either through the use of EBIOS methodologies or in line with the ISO 27005 or ISO 31000 standards.

  • Implementation and monitoring

    We implement the security concept, strategy and policy through procedures, processes, solutions and products that are regularly evaluated and adapted as necessary.  It is also important to train staff in cybersecurity and raise their awareness to it.

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The benefits

  • Prioritise your investments

    You can allocate or re-allocate your (technical, human, organisational) security mechanisms to where they will be the most effective, most efficient and most cost-effective, thereby optimising the overall security level of your information system, while making the most of available resources.

  • Anticipate the risks

    You will be able to identify and manage information security risks effectively by taking the various parameters into account: user, technical, operational and above all, business.

The characteristics

Our certifications 

We boast 10 individual certifications for the entire team, covering all fields:

  • Implementation of a management system according to the ISO 27001 standard,
  • Risk management pursuant to the ISO 27005 or ISO 31000 standard,
  • Cyber security management.

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