Solution 4 new device Flexibility and professional mobile phone plan

Want to offer your employees the latest smartphones on the market without having to pay from the first day?

Then opt for "Solution 4 new device"! With this option, you choose the phones matching your needs, while financing them over 2 years. You can thus get the latest generation smartphones from day one, whilst staggering their financing.

Key benefits Solution 4 new device

  • Considerable choice

    You can choose your mobile phones from a wide variety, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

  • Customised monthly payments

    Choose the amount reimbursed per month for customised management.

  • Budget under control

    Stagger your payments over 24 months.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Benefit from the latest mobile phones without advancing money!

    Choose from among our options, from €5/ month to €30 /month, and walk away with the mobile phone of your dreams without paying a cent. This option applies even to the latest generation of mobile phones.

The characteristics

  • Wide variety of smartphones available
  • Latest smartphones also eligible for financing
  • Possibility to choose the amount paid each month
  • Lower costs through subscription