SMS Gateway, the platform of bulk SMS dispatch management Get free access to all the functionalities of SMS Gateway!

During this period of confinement, distance can make communication complex. Even more than in normal times, you need to convey important information to your employees or customers just as directly and simply as possible.
Among all the existing means of communication, SMS remains the most direct and most read !

Therefore, to help you handle the communication challenge during the lockdown in Luxembourg, Telindus grants you access to all the functionalities of SMS Gateway!

How can I benefit from this offer?

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Key benefits SMS Gateway, the platform of bulk SMS dispatch management

  • Simplicity

    Use the product's web portal or integrate your existing systems (integrated with an API) to create and send your messages. You can send appointment reminders, boost your events and promotional actions, or even conduct surveys in a very simple and fast way

  • Flexibility

    Schedule your SMS messages (date and time), manage your contact list, customize the content or send standardize messages with templates you have previously created

  • Real-time monitoring

    Thanks to the analysis and reporting modules, you can monitor the status of the sent messages in real time

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Custom messages

    SMS Gateway allows you to personalize your messages in order to increase the loyalty of your customers. By personalizing it, your SMS is not only more powerful, but you will also improve its openness and reading rate

  • Transparency of exchanges

    SMS Gateway is a two-way interaction: the recipients of your messages can interact with you by responding to your SMS messages. This way, you can stay really close to your customers

  • Contact management

    With SMS Gateway, manage your contacts according to your needs. Individual or group contacts can be managed via the web interface or by downloaded files. Simple and practical!

The characteristics

- Web interface (SMS Mailer and Email2SMS)

- Using standard REST API's

- Scheduling/cancelling messages

- Management of individual contacts /groups of contacts

- Creating and using message templates

- Real-time statistics (based on delivery notices)

- Blacklist of beneficiaries

- Emergency messages (higher priority)

- Text and Unicode messages

- Product status (online or via email notification)