SmartChain A collaborative and automated Smart transaction

Telindus has developed a collaborative and automated Smart Transaction, reconciliation & resolution solution based on permissioned blockchains, optimizing process efficiency and execution quality by automating the resolution of breaks and facilitating partner communication.

The implementation of a permissioned blockhain platform ensures that only authorized and identified partners can operate while providing full traceability of transaction history, thus enabling regulators and auditors to become observing partners in the blockchain.

Key benefits SmartChain

  • Fund Administration

    Administration of fund parts and fund assets among actors in the fund industry

  • Inter-Company Optimization

    Optimize intercompany transfers and lending within international corporate

  • Loan Administration

    Managing and securing loan administration; monitor interbank, cross-border and domestic transactions

  • KYC Information Matching

    Matching and sharing of individual and/or corporate information for KYC, KYD and other similar purposes

  • Full Traceability

    Traceability and management of assets and items along a value production or logistics chain

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Process Efficiency

    Time: Fast identification, qualification & resolution of breaks; automation of pre-defined items
    Fluidity: Less friction going back and forth on trivial items
    Cost: Savings as the basic tasks require fewer resources and enable fewer mistakes
    Immutability: Non-repudiation of actions

  • Execution Quality

    Reconciliation: Breaks are clearly identified, and process errors are eliminated 
    Resolution: Shared Information and traceable actions improve the rectification of breaks
    Focus: Staff focuses on complex items and is now available to improve processes


  • Partner Satisfaction

    Satisfaction: Direct users become more effective
    Transparency: Authorized third parties, such as regulators or auditors, have a complete view
    Value Chain: Positive cascade on other points with external user seeing enhanced outcomes

The characteristics

  • Upload position and transaction data file in any format
  • Define private channels between authorized parties with permissioned Blockchain
  • Allow channel partners to see transactions, positions and actions live
  • Automatically match every transaction and updates in all ledgers
  • Carry out automated resolution on evident breaks with use of Smart Contracts
  • Automatically flag simple breaks and propose solution via Machine Learning
  • Facilitate corrections allowing parties to agree on other parties’ versions
  • Ensure traceability of all automated and manual actions and approvals