SIP Trunk Fixed telephony solutions

Fixed telephony is facing radical transformation as more and more calls in the world are being carried over IP networks. Voice over IP (or VoIP) is therefore becoming the most common way for businesses to manage fixed telephony as an application on the IP network, just like email. VoIP also enables you to integrate your telephony and your IT applications, internet etc, leading to many opportunities. Ready to surprise your customers? SIP Trunk is your gateway to the VoIP world!

Key benefits SIP Trunk

  • Simplicity

    Combine all your fixed voice lines in 1 gateway and include fixed calls in 1 centralized network over IP.

  • Quality

    Benefit from a higher voice quality. 

  • Flexibility

    Scale capacity and/or redundancy at the pace of your business.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Collaboration

    Centralize your calls and collaboration traffic in 1 single gateway while safeguarding the quality of your traffic. Our SIP Trunk works with multiple PBX systems and unified communication platforms like Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

  • Cost efficiency

    Pay as you grow and scale your voice infrastructure at the pace of your business.

The characteristics

SIP Trunk is a VoIP access line that enables your business to be globally connected. It connects your business to the public telephony network while protecting your private network from the public.

  • Simultaneous calling on 1 trunk up to 100 calls 
  • Secure connection with Session Border Controller included
  • Geo-redundant setup on Telindus backbone network
  • Offered as standalone voice solution or as part of Telindus multi-service solution (see Explore for more details)
  • Compatible with the "Company Pack", a communication price list shared between all your fixed numbers
  • Extendible to multiple redundancy scenarios 

Other solutions