Screening Sanctions, PEP/MEP, Media, Web

Timely & complete background information on a person

Key benefits Screening

  • Direct automatic access to known PEP, MEP and Sanction List providers, including World Check and Factiva, via APIs

  • Send request to provider with full name, nationality and DOB with Positive/Negative response

  • DigitalKYC platform allows to send periodic requests to provider via API calls

  • Add case management to flagged individuals with pre-defined tasks

The benefits

  • Easy-to-Integrate: seamless integration into KYC platform

  • Save Time: remove need to manually perform checks

  • Prevent Fraud: minimize false positives with multiple identifiers

  • Automated: automatic checks and flagging of user when response is positive

  • Database over 100 million companies

  • AI screening beyond the limits

  • Easy and time effective solution

  • Identify your counterparty’s hidden interests