Pricing plan Mobile phone plans without subscription and without commitment

Some of your employees make very few calls but need to be reachable, so you do not want to take out a mobile flat-rate package.

In such cases, opt for a “Pay As You Use” solution, without a flat-rate and without commitment.  You pay only for the use that your employees really make.  

Moreover, you have a single, attractive pricing plan for all your calls in Europe and the United States.

Key benefits Pricing plan

  • Cost control

    Some of your employees are reachable at all times, without incurring high mobile charges.

  • Competitiveness

    You can benefit from a single, attractive pricing plan, irrespective of the destination called in Europe and the United States

  • Transparency

    The call zones are simplified so that the price of your call is clear at all times.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Control your expenses

    You can now be sure that your employees are reachable at all times at the lowest cost. Moreover, simplified price regions mean better visibility. For example, in Europe, you are charged a single price:  1 minute – 1 SMS – 1 MB. 

  • Opt for flexibility

    To optimise your calls, you can add certain options, bringing your budget and your use under control.

The characteristics

  • Calls to and from the United States at the price for Europe
  • Calls to and from Switzerland at the price for Europe
  • Billing per second from the first second, national and international
  • 1 kb/1kb billing, national
  • Attractive options for travel abroad