Pooling Mobile phone management matching your use

Difficult to exactly plan the volumes of calls needed for each of your employees? In this case, you can opt for an individual pack or one of our pooling packs. With our pooling solutions, you can choose the volume of the pack your company needs, and each of your employees can use this available volume. There are packs for all your needs: calls from and to Europe, international calls to Europe, while using data from Europe or from the rest of the world.

Key benefits Pooling

  • Pooled offer

    All your employees use a common volume

  • Less wastage

    No more partially used individual packs

  • Tailor-made

    Choose the volume you really need.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Control your budget

    Stop using individual flat-rates that remain partially unused. Pool the units available for all employees thanks to our large choice of communication packs.

The characteristics

  • Pooling the calls of your users
  • Use of available units by each user
  • Balance between high- and low-volume users
  • Wide choice of usable volumes
  • 10% of non-used volume carried forward to next month
  • Attractive non-pack prices
  • Packs available for voice in Europe, international, or for data
  • Alert when 80% and 100% of the pack is used up
  • All Europe and the United States at the price of Luxembourg


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