Mobile Authentication & Data Intelligence

Compliance processes are often driven by existing systems and the current regulatory landscape makes user integration and monitoring both cumbersome and costly. Telindus Mobile Authentication & Data Intelligence allows companies to facilitate these key compliance tasks by adding a technology layer, reducing customer acquisition time and increasing protection for mobile customer accounts.

This service can be easily integrated with any digital platform and provides end users with a seamless customer experience, improving customer retention and generating additional revenue.

Key benefits Mobile Authentication & Data Intelligence

  • Quick authentication

    Accelerate time-to-market for your customers with fast mobile user authentication

  • Transparent communication

    Reach your customers at any time to inform them of a transaction by means of a simple message or a pre-recorded call

  • Improved security

    Reduce fraud attempts and increase account access protection by benefiting from your customers' mobile data, with their consent

  • Optimized customer acquisition

    Get new customers faster by adding a mobile security layer to the integration process

  • Worldwide coverage

    Reach your customers around the world thanks to coverage in more than 130 countries

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Reduce the risk of fraud

    When new users are not verified, companies may allow bad actors to enter their database. It is therefore essential to verify the identity of the end user and block spam when registering the account by using a telephone check and a fraud risk profile based on data information

  • Activate mobile services securely

    Allow your customers to securely access your Web and mobile platform via any device, quickly verifying the user's identity

  • Improve user authentication

    The 2-step validation significantly reduces the risk of hackers accessing online accounts by combining passwords with a second factor, such as a mobile phone number

The characteristics

- User verification with One-Time Password authentication: Verify users thanks to a two-factor authentication using SMS or voice calls

- SMS and voice communication: Send and receive SMS alerts, reminders and notifications to improve communication with your customers

- Phone number analysis: Confirm ownership and type of phone, including: fixed vs. mobile, prepaid vs. contract, device, location, operator and address details, to reinforce the user's risk profile

- Phone number validation: Verify if the number provided by the customer is active and has been used for fraudulent purposes in the past, before finalizing the user integration or sending a message