Governance services Outsource the management of your IT infrastructure

Lack of technical expertise, cost reduction and IT risks, alignment of IT structures with company targets … these are just some of the reasons to entrust your IT governance to a trustworthy partner.

Telindus guarantees availability, performance and service flexibility, as well as confidentiality, integrity and traceability, thanks to strong governance based on a national regulatory framework (the implementation of which is strictly controlled), as well as on recognised standardisation methods and programmes or risk analysis methods.

Key benefits Governance services

  • Cost and risk control

    Process management is an integral part of governance. Efficient processes allow routine tasks to be optimised and guarantee the quality of the work done while minimising costs.

  • Identification and continuous management

    Outsourcing does not depend solely on technical skills but also on a solid management structure serving the customer, supporting him throughout the contracted period.

    All stakeholders are mobilised to provide top service and respond as promptly as possible (control and management of SLAs and OLAs).

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Move forward confidently

    Telindus ensures that all contractual obligations are fulfilled, on the basis of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs). The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined upstream to facilitate decision-making and conflict management. The governance structure includes architects and business consultants, ensuring a good understanding of the company’s activities and future needs.

  • Get more peace of mind

    Measures for setting up, reviewing and improving the performance of the project are put in place to ensure the contractual viability and for the benefit of both parties who communicate regularly on project progress. Steering committees are organised to formalise the good governance and validate performances as well as to deal with points needing intensification.

The characteristics

  • Information systems associated with proactive monitoring systems
  • Compliance management tools  (Varonis, CyberArk or BMC and CISCO)
  • Technology and security monitoring carried out with partners
  • Self-provisioning portal
  • 24/7 on-duty services and multilingual help desk
  • 300 engineers in Luxembourg
  • Network of reputable partner manufacturers worldwide
  • Specialised local partners and FSP
  • Regulatory framework controlled by CSSF, ILR or CNPD
  • Recognised standardisation methods and programmes such as ISO 9000, ISO 27001, ITIL V3, ISO 22301
  • FSP and EBIOS risk analysis

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