Fixed-mobile convergence Fixed and mobile telephony in business to turn your mobility into a strength

In a constantly changing world, mobility, now indispensable for companies, may at times be a challenge.

Employees have increasingly to be permanently reachable, even when travelling. How can contacts and calls be centralised? How can we ensure and facilitate the link with your customers? And how can the boundary between private and working life be preserved?

While mobility undeniably opens up business opportunities, it also raises many questions concerning organisation and security.

With its fixed-mobile convergence, Telindus provides a comprehensive, easily implemented and efficient solution to turn mobility into a winning asset for your company.

Key benefits Fixed-mobile convergence

  • Simplicity

    An application available on several interfaces enables you to switch rapidly from business mode to private mode. Your mobile telephone becomes “personal” again (the mobile number displayed on outgoing calls, invoicing according to the mobile pricing plan).

  • Professionalism and mobility

    benefit from a range of features hitherto available only on your fixed station. Moreover,  incoming calls ring simultaneously on your fixed and mobile phone. Your fixed phone number will appear for outgoing calls, even when phoning from your mobile phone.

  • Cost optimisation

    When your mobile line is active for FMU, your outgoing calls are invoiced according to your company’s fixed pricing plan.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Limit the number of devices per user

    It is no longer unusual to see one user with a large number of devices: fixed phone, business wireless phone (DECT), mobile phone, a softphone on a PC, mobile or tablet. FMU is an effective response helping you limit the number of devices.

  • Reintegrate “road warriors” in the company

    Some users are constantly on the road. They often have a fixed phone nonetheless. FMU enables you to eliminate the fixed telephone in the office. Your mobile staff will enjoy all company features, such as routing incoming calls to reception or the line supervision by an assistant. Performance is also teamwork!

The characteristics

  • Exclusive service with U-touch telephony (collaboration solution in the Telindus cloud)
  • Just one partner, just one point of contact
  • Business Mode / Private Mode
  • Pricing according to the mode
  • Business telephony features extended to your mobile telephone
  • Freedom of choice of mobile devices
  • Reduction of the number of devices per user

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