Ethical Hacking Cybersecurity to face up hackers

Ethical hacking, also referred to as “penetration testing,” is an effective way of identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities before a hacker can exploit them. The objective of the penetration testing team is to identify weaknesses and report them to the persons in charge of the system, so that appropriate measures can be taken and the level of information security improved.

Thanks to ethical hacking, you get an independent and objective view on information security, with concrete and reliable data on the vulnerabilities and impacts. You can thus improve the overall quality and reliability of risk management.

Key benefits Ethical Hacking

  • Experience and expertise

    Telindus has sophisticated tools and techniques that are constantly being tested and improved to provide you with irreproachable service. Our specific, detailed and implementable recommendations enable the security officer to mitigate the vulnerabilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The recommendations are listed in order of priority, according to the negotiation and vulnerability risks, as well as in relation to the cost of implementing a recommendation.

  • Specialised support

    Telindus invests in human capital to serve you even better. Our ethical hacking teams are trained and certified by reference organisations in the field, for a total of 30 individual certifications – the guarantee for you as to where your company stands precisely.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Become aware of your exposure to risks

    It is vital to be aware of vulnerabilities and potential attacks. Following a customised presentation of risks based on a realistic scenario and the potential business impact, we can draw up relevant action plans.

  • Reduce the risks and costs

    A specific action plan based on concrete recommendations is the best way of mitigating the vulnerabilities and enhancing your level of security. It is therefore important to give priority to investments in cyber security and to support risk management.

The characteristics

  • Ethical hacking carried out in Luxembourg
  • Advanced technical verification approach to assess the security situation (risk-based approach)
  • Ethics and code of ethics
  • Audit mission conducted in an unbiased manner from Luxembourg
  • Documented process pursuant to audit standards and agreed rules of engagement
  • More than 8 years of experience and capacities to audit a vast range of information systems
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality certificate
  • Very detailed reports including tests, recommendations and high traceability, allowing the tests to be reproduced
  • In-depth tests involving in-depth manual attempts/attacks on the use of automatic tools
  • No aggressive test (except upon express request)
  • Respect of the culture of confidentiality in accordance with the Luxembourg legal corpus and a strong commitment to FSP rules

Our certifications

The Ethical Hacking division of Telindus S.A. is highly trained and certified by reference organisations in this field: 30 individual certifications for the entire team.


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